The Pain IS Real

The Pain IS Real

Last week I woke up feeling as if I were frozen in my bed. I could barely turn over to press “snooze” on my alarm, and when I finally did, I realized I was in pain. I wasn’t sure what was going on, but something didn’t feel quite right. When I finally got out of … Continue reading

Wiping it away

Wiping it away

Our lives are filled with amazing and wonderful technological devices.  My children have access to smart phones and tablets and video game systems and all kinds of time consuming contraptions.  However, there is one thing that simply fascinates them like nothing else … a dry erase board.  There are two in my office and almost … Continue reading

i <3 books

I love books. More importantly, I love reading. I have been known, even at my age, to hide under the covers with a book light (or my lighted Kindle) and read well into the night. Recently. I especially love being transported away, letting my over-active imagination picture people, places, things. I’m convinced the version in … Continue reading