Level Ground

I may not be mechanically minded (and kudos to those who are!), but if my husband asks me for a level when doing something around the house, I know exactly what to hand him. Many times we’ve grabbed that level to make sure a picture is hung in an exact and even manner so you … Continue reading

Another One Bites the Dust

It was inevitable. Saturday night laundry time with a set of queen-sized sheets in my washer, when the unit died. Great I think. Just what I want to have happen at 10:00 PM. Wringing out a set of sheets gives you a lot of time to think about your options, while alternately thinking, “Doesn’t anything … Continue reading

Glorious Unfolding

This past month, the lifegroup that my husband and I are a part of has been doing the study to go along with the current sermon series. For those of you who may not have been able to attend church during August, or don’t attend Beautiful Savior, I will quickly re-cap the series and bring … Continue reading


Friends in Christ,    Here’s a piece from a while back. We were out of town for a funeral this past weekend and I have not quite wrapped my words or mind around it. Please enjoy this piece and I will have something new for you next time. :)    Proverbs 16:1-3 To the man … Continue reading

Future Plans?

My husband and I are at the point in our lives where we need to begin making some decisions about the future. He’s looking forward to early retirement. Soon. He’s more than ready, after working for 40 years with the same company. I, on the other hand, am not. Ready for retirement, that is. At … Continue reading

Little Blessings

I apologize this blog was not posted earlier. Last night I scheduled it to be posted at 12 am today but must have hit a wrong button because it never posted. Sometimes I have to thank God that my big toe doesn’t hurt or that hair doesn’t have nerve cells. I have fibromyalgia. To be diagnosed with it one … Continue reading