Can you use the word twitterpated in a sentence? “I twitterpated my way down the street after tumbling off my bicycle.” That wouldn’t be accurate. How about a form of the word? “With twitterpation, the bomb squad carefully diffused the explosive.” This is also not a correct use. “After tweeting my response, I felt twitterpated … Continue reading

What’s in a Name?

My name is unusual and if you’ve never heard it, can be mispronounced; Doneta ( I have sisters and brothers with common names; Deb, Carol, Dan, Jim. So when I asked my mom “Where did my name come from?” The answer? They saw it and liked it. Not a huge revelation, but I always longed … Continue reading

Boundaries and Facebook

A few weeks ago my husband and I attended the marriage retreat hosted by the young adult ministry here at Beautiful Savior.  It was an awesome event, and I would highly recommend getting involved and attending the next time one is hosted.  There were a few topics touched on that really spoke to me, but … Continue reading

Broken Road

*Please enjoy reading this blog-  it’s one I posted last year & due to a bout of food poisoning this weekend I thought it was fitting to repost something about things not going the way you think/hope/expect….   So, I was driving with two of my kiddos across town Sunday afternoon and I wanted to  … Continue reading