Man, Woman and Child!

Lyle Bremser called the University of Nebraska football games from 1939 to 1983 for a local radio station. I’d get chills when I heard him boom out the words, “Man, woman and child”. His Huskers had performed some athletic feat which had him exuberant and spellbound. He was giddy with delight. No athletic feat can … Continue reading

A Day of Renewal

A Day of Renewal

This weekend our church hosted the Beth Moore Live Simulcast. We had over 140 women come to have their hearts and mind filled by God. Beth talked about women and their relationships with one another and with God. As those of us hosting the simulcast began preparing for the weekend, we happened to sit at … Continue reading

Our Story

Our Story

Our church has just started the nine month process of going through The Story.  Each week we are reading and learning from a different chapter.  If you are unfamiliar with The Story, it is basically the Bible written like a novel, a chronological chapter book.  I have always been a reader, and so I love … Continue reading

A Singing Saturday

Today I am feeling overwhelmed – overwhelmed by God’s goodness. Our church is hosting a Beth Moore Simulcast today, and it has been so sweet seeing God working in His church to minister to His precious daughters. We are in the final stages of preparation, setting up the registration table, making coffee, positioning greeters… and prayer … Continue reading

Get in the Game!

Get in the Game!

Thursday night was a very chilly night to be out until 8 p.m. watching a soccer game. But there we were, watching my five-year-old daughter kick and run and laugh her way through a soccer game with other kids her age. Even in the midst of learning and trying to figure out a new sport … Continue reading



It’s been the watch word in my life these past several weeks – relationships. I love how my God drills something into my brain until I wake up and say, “Hello. Okay Lord I’m with you. I get it and thanks for your reminders.” The last weeks have been filled with conversations with friends; God’s … Continue reading