Christmas is …

Christmas is …

It’s almost Christmas and all too often this last week becomes a flurry of frantic shopping, expensive travel, rushed cleaning, stressful detail planning, and frustrated family arguments – all of which sound like the true spirit of the Christmas, right?  Well, maybe not so much.  But we’ve all experienced the stress of the season.  When … Continue reading

Time Flies

On Wednesday, my dear friend Ondria sent me a message. She not-so-gently reminded me that several years ago on that exact date, we were walking across the stage at Witherspoon Concert Hall at the Joslyn Art Museum, accepting our diplomas from Creighton University. And the shocking thing? It had been 20 years. Twenty years! Is … Continue reading

May I Help You?

The job of school receptionist requires multi-tasking. If you live in the school community and if you have had/have children in the District (or perhaps in the building where you work), you’ve got an advantage. You probably know more about the daily school routine and may recognize family names and staff members. If your children … Continue reading

We Have a Hope

Stress. Bustle. Hustle. Rush. Anyone else feel overwhelmed? I know I do. It has been a crazy week with travel for work and long hours. The kids are busy with activities and events this week and I feel like I can barely keep track. And don’t even mention the crush of holiday shopping and related … Continue reading