i <3 books

I love books. More importantly, I love reading. I have been known, even at my age, to hide under the covers with a book light (or my lighted Kindle) and read well into the night. Recently. I especially love being transported away, letting my over-active imagination picture people, places, things. I’m convinced the version in … Continue reading

Pondering Hands

Have you ever pondered hands? I have. When I think of hands, I think of the chubby little fists of babies which just beg to be kissed; the long, lean fingers of a pianist as they fly over the ivories, the multicolored hands of children on today’s playgrounds, and the soft, wrinkled hands that tell … Continue reading

Slow Learner

Slow Learner

Teenagers and technology – the two seem to be inseparable. My thirteen-year-old son especially likes his computer….and his phone….and his school laptop….and the tablet….and the kindle. There are times that I will find him with a Kindle in one hand, phone in the other, in front of an open laptop. Sigh. While he loves computers … Continue reading