God’s Grip

God’s grip is a funny thing. Here’s what God wanted to remind me (and you) of this weekend: My youngest eats and then goes to bed. She is still nursing. I would like to think that these times are our special cuddle times. She would like to think that these are her times to be … Continue reading

God’s Best

My ideas of what’s best for my life and God’s ideas are often two separate things. I’m betting you can relate. The word “curve ball” comes to mind. Ever been there? You think life is finally getting back to some semblance of normal, and then another surprise hits you. For me, it’s more surgery of … Continue reading

A Story of My Two Families

Family get-togethers with my parents, siblings, their spouses, and my nieces and nephews are loud and busy. (Just ask my husband, Jim!) Add in a girlfriends, boyfriends, a great-niece, and a few dogs, and those get-togethers become chaotic. I have a large family, and I love each one of them. I have another, even larger, … Continue reading

My Dad, My Father

Today, I’d like to introduce you to my good friend, Shirley Reinert. She is a beautiful woman of God and is our guest blogger for this week. What an amazing story she has to share.  Carey Oswald   The month of August marks the 3rd anniversary of my Dad’s death.  I miss him every day … Continue reading

When the sun fades

When the sun fades

My family tried out camping for the first time last weekend, close to home at Mahoney State Park. (The story of how we ended up camping and owning a camper is for another blog post.) It was a hot and humid weekend, but we had a comfortable air-conditioned camper to call home in a shady … Continue reading


 Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing. (1 Thessalonians 5:11 ESV) In Paul’s first letter to the church in Thessalonica, he urges them to encourage each other in their walks with the Lord. In chapter 5 he is specifically asking them to encourage one another to remind each … Continue reading

Suzdal, Russia

I came across the journal while organizing my office and there it was my mission trip to Russia – 2003. Wow the images came flooding back even before I sat down to re-read my words. Funny how powerful the impression is and how vividly your mind recalls, when you have been impacted by something amazing … Continue reading


This past weekend was my daughter’s 2nd birthday party. My sweet baby girl has turned 2, and she’s still sweet, but she is also a very rambunctious and carefree child. This very active spirit of hers that she has, has also led to quite a few bumps and bruises over the past several months. The … Continue reading