An Unexpected Gift

Quite some time ago I went to Lake Zorinsky, probably with the intention to jog a bit. When I arrived, though, I felt more inclined to park myself on a bench on the east side of the lake. It’s my favorite bench to sit on because it has the best view.

I remember it being uncommonly warm for the calendar date, so there was an abundance of joggers, bikers, and the occasional speed walker. There were so many people, and not one of them I recognized.

It was such a peculiar thing to me, not knowing a single person walking by. I wasn’t startled by the notion, just aware that where I currently found myself was secluded from any personal connections.

Settling into this new thought of singularity I turned to my left, and among the spandex and rubber tires I saw a very tan man in a white t-shirt.

Perplexed with familiarity I thought to myself, “Is… that… is that my grandpa?” I didn’t want to do one of those- waving at someone you know moments when… oh wait that’s not them!! THAT’S NOT THEM! LOOK AWAY… As the man walked closer, there could be no mistake. It was him!

My heart overflowed with joy when I got past the shock that just as I was pondering my obscurity someone who knew almost better than anyone else who walk right up to me. I think he was just as shocked when he heard me call his name.

Last summer, at a different lake.

From there we had the most lovely walk around the remaining stretch of lake to where his car was parked. The whole time I was thinking, what a gift this is.. what a gift.

The Lord showed me so much of his love through that, it’s almost overwhelming. There have been instances and seasons in my life where I have wrestled with the feeling of being unknown, nondescript, or even misunderstood. I would suppose it is not something I alone have walked through. But He has shown me, through many avenues, that He knows me, deeply, personally, and eternally. And he smiles with joy when I recognize him in a sea of obscurity. To know that he delights in walking with me is the most precious gift of all.

Until next Thursday,

Rachel Maurine


2 thoughts on “An Unexpected Gift

    • Never ceases to amaze me, he uses so many things (good friends, being one of them:) it’s a wonder I ever forget the feeling of a heart full of his love!! Human heart is a bit leaky I guess!

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