Anticipating an Arrival

Caleb CUNE Freshman Drop Off (3)

I stood outside the auditorium in eager anticipation. Soon I would be watching my nephew perform in the musical Grease. First though, my son, Caleb, needed to arrive. He was on the way home from college for spring break. I felt doubly blessed. Not only would I get to clap for my nephew’s performance, but I would also get to spend nine days with my son!

My mind went back to the day we dropped Caleb off at college a few months earlier. My world was about to change. Now instead of two boys living at home, we would be down to only our youngest son living at home.

It was a day of hellos and goodbyes. For Caleb it was hello to a new phase in life, hello to new friends, hello to new adventures, and hello to pursuing God’s calling on his life. It was also goodbye to his childhood, living at home, and the security of a life he had known. For me it was hello to watching Caleb take a big step into becoming the man God wants him to be and goodbye to daily contact with the child to whom I had given birth, nursed, laughed with, cried with, and watched take both his first steps and his first solo drive in a car.

I saw Caleb several times over the first semester of college and over Christmas break. Our roles though had changed. In kindergarten, when he walked into the world of school, he had a life outside of home, a life in which I played a lesser role. Now he walked into the world of college, where I would once again play a lesser role. He would be making more decisions for himself, setting his own boundaries, and investing more in relationships outside the family…much like he had done in kindergarten, only now in a much larger way. In some ways our relationship was fundamentally changing as Caleb took this giant step towards adulthood.

I cried when Caleb went off to kindergarten. I also cried as we drove away leaving Caleb at college. Even so, he came home at the end of a kindergarten day. Now he was about to come home again from college and I was waiting in eager anticipation for him to arrive.

This makes me wonder at the thought of God waiting in anticipation for his children to arrive in heaven at the last day. God desires that all people come to him. He desires that all people have a home in heaven. Jesus has gone to prepare a place for us in heaven, and the God eagerly anticipates our arrival.

Revelation 21:3 says, “And I heard a loud voice from the throne saying, ‘Now the dwelling of God is with men, and he will live with them. They will be his people and God himself will be with them and be their God.’”

Like with my son Caleb, when Jesus died on the cross our relationship with our Father fundamentally changed. Unlike my son, who has become more independent in a positive way, when Jesus died for us, we became more dependent on God in a positive way. Our relationship was restored and now we can turn to God to have all our needs met. Ultimately this will happen in heaven when God will be our God.

As I eagerly anticipated my son’s arrival this past Friday, and God eagerly anticipates our arrival in heaven, so too I eagerly anticipate my reunion with God in heaven. On that day I will say goodbye to life filed with challenges and hello to an eternity filled with God. May you anticipate that day as well!

Blessings my friends,

Kelly Haack


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