Bringing the ‘little bit older’ ones to Him

When we ask, God answers. His Word confirms that.

“Ask and it will be given to you: seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened.” Matthew: 7:7-8.

I am asking right now. My request is that God would bring some sweet children to your heart and mind, that they would be added to your prayer list and ultimately brought before God in your prayer time. These are older children, living in the Philippines, without parents, without families, and close to aging out of the adoption system. And they are dear and precious to Jesus.

I heard about them Sunday, on my daughter’s 19th birthday. She was once in their shoes. Twelve years old, living in a different country, only a few years from aging out of the system, with concerns on how she was going to survive on her own. But God had different plans for her, plans for us. The reality of her then-situation is hard for me to imagine now and I don’t focus on it. Doesn’t seem like there was ever a time without this sweet, much-loved daughter.

But on Sunday my friend Kari shared about these children in the Philippines. I met Kari eight years ago. We were roommates during a mission trip to Russia. God started knitting our hearts together in the airport in Omaha, before we even got on the plane! She got to see me meet my daughter in an orphanage in Ivanovo, and my husband Mark and I have been able to watch as she and her husband Pat welcomed not one, not two, but THREE precious adopted children to their equally precious biological three.

Family 2012

Kari and Pat, Mark and I, and our children, have had front row seats to how God can perform miraculous landscaping to family trees. And through a bit of challenging, sometimes painful, pruning we have seen amazing blooms.

That is why I am writing this and also why Kari and Pat, through Holt International, are ‘ambassadors’ for these 15 older children. Through an extended trip they took five months ago, they got to know these children, their silly, serious, quirky and sensitive sides, and are now advocating for them to find loving homes, their place to bloom.

Five of these 15 children are on track to be placed – Paolo, Jon, Curt, Erika and Elizabeth! Please keep them and their future families in your prayers that these adoptions become finalized and that these transforming commitments are filled with love and bring glory to our God.

One of the older girls, Anna, will now age out before a match has been made. As Kari requests, pray that she is loved and cared for and reaches her full potential in Christ. Anna wants to be a missionary someday – the Holy Spirit is surely working in her life.

If you are doing the math, you have figured out that there are nine children left. They are all boys! Three are brothers, fourteen-year-old twins Erico and Arturo, and their 12-year-old younger brother Melvin. They come from a large family, and both parents are deceased. The older siblings relinquished their rights so the boys would have an opportunity for a better future. Kari says she and Pat got the feeling they came from a strong, close family. They need your prayers.

John Paul is also fourteen. He was very quiet when they first met him, even a bit guarded. But Pat and Kari were able to see a whole different side to him by the time they left. He was cracking jokes, smiling, laughing and hamming it up! Pray for a mother to nurture him, a father to lead him.

And that still leaves Jomari who is eleven, thirteen-year-olds Christian and Jerick, and finally brothers Jimel and J.R., fourteen and twelve respectively. They also need your prayers.

In Matthew 18, verse 13, we read about how children were brought to Jesus and he placed his hands on them and prayed for them. And in James we get a glimpse of our Father’s heart for parentless children (James 1:27.)

If you are feeling led, I am asking that you ask. Please bring these fifteen dear children to God. We know he not only has the answer, He IS the answer. Already we give thanks!

Finally, if you want to pray more specifically and would like more details on these children, please contact Kari, she and Pat would love to share more.

Want help getting started? You can use Kari’s prayer, in her words.

“Dear Lord, I ask that you would open hearts and homes to these wonderful children. Their hearts desire is to have a family to call their own, an earthly father and mother to celebrate them for who you created them to be. I ask that you protect them while they wait. Wrap your arms around them and help them to know that they are loved. Hear their cries and answer their prayers oh Lord.”

Grateful for your help,
Shelli Muldoon


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