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When I was in jr. high and high school going shopping was so exciting to me! Being able to choose and buy my own clothes and such from my babysitting earnings was a whole new freedom I loved (though some days I wish I still let my mom buy my clothes :D) I would get so excited about a new purchase, many times I would sneak away into the restroom to change into that new jacket or top immediately after they would hand me that crisp new bag.

In more recent years my excitement in regard to my fashion purchases is drawn to shoes and purses. Just yesterday I received a long awaited purchase from a store we don’t have here in Omaha. I practically skipped up the front porch steps when I saw the package had arrived! My delight was uncontainable when I opened the package to the beautiful bag I had fawned over was sitting amongst the charming tissue paper. I must have channeled my inner teen-ager and instantly I had emptied the contents of the purse I was currently wearing into the new one, no time wasted.


A couple of days ago something began stirring in my heart. I was having a casual conversation, solving all the worlds problems over an ice cold diet coke, and a rush of conviction came over me.

Do I Immediately use what God gives me? Do I get so excited about what i receive from Him that I drop everything and cloth myself withit? And do I keep using it, wearing it, believing it, living it? Or do I casually put in on the shelf and say… “yeah… I have that…”

And I do now there are sometimes when I really do get just as excited and reach in a find my inner teenager. But there are other times where I simply just don’t. Or I’ll lose fervency and put that on the shelf.

Lord, please help us receive all you have for us, help us to seek it out- long for it, and wait in anticipation for you to give us your gifts. Father help us to use them. Help us to worship and glorify you with the refection of your love for us. Thank you for your gifts, Lord. Aaaaamen.

So what’s a gift you like to give yourself? What’s a gift God gave you recently?? I want to know! Tell me!

Until next Thursday,

Rachel Maurine.

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