Easter memories and Easter Praise

The year my brother and I got an Albino bunny rabbit for Easter ranks among my top Easter memories. We named her Buttons and I will never forget how cute she was sitting (okay, more like hopping out of) her own little basket. She fit in the palm of our hand and she had the cutest little nose. As Pastor spoke that morning in church, I remember thinking, “okay—that’s good—we’ve got it! He’s Risen, He’s Risen indeed….I have a bunny at home waiting for me!” Don’t judge, I was 11.

The year our cocker spaniel slipped a disc in her back and we had to put her to sleep on Easter Sunday ranks last. I remember a somber morning at church and an extremely tearful goodbye as she lay on the table and had no clue of what was about to happen. Later that afternoon, while looking through the Sunday ads on a warm Texas day, sobs echoed through the yard and tears stained the paper. A day for rejoicing was ours for mourning.

This year, experiencing Easter worship with 3,000 BSLC members and friends brings me tears of joy and a few, held back, tears of sadness. What a memorable service this morning- the music, the words, the Spirit among us. I praised my risen Lord alongside my husband, my two young children, my godson, and with some very special small group friends and their children. My heart overflows with gratitude for these amazing, faithful, people. God has placed these relationships in my life with purpose and I am so blessed.

Yet, as my family looks forward to a move in two short weeks, my heart became heavy this morning as I thought of leaving. Sure, I know God will find a new church home for us, where we will be fed, loved, and given opportunities to use our gifts, but leaving Beautiful Savior makes me weepy.
This morning, I couldn’t help but visualize heaven, in some small, simple-minded, earthly way. We will be praising our Most High with all the saints of heaven in eternity! Wow! Can you even wrap your mind around that?

I’m not so sure I can, but I do know it provides me with a great peace that no matter where this earthly life leads me, my heavenly home will be full of reunion, joy, and unending glory. No more tears, no more shame, no more death, no more ups and downs of this life!

Praise be to God for his Son, Christ, our RISEN Lord.
He is risen. He is risen, indeed. Alleluia!

-Jessica Brashear


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