Easter Everyday

Celebrations seem to go so quick. Last year we worked and worked to get ready for Caleb’s graduation and, in a blink, it was over. People spend a month or more to prepare for Christmas, and by Christmas afternoon the festive services are over, the food is digesting, and the gift wrap is in the garbage. Children’s birthdays whiz by and soon they are grown up.

Easter too is now a memory. The 3000 people in worship have gone home. Family has left. Easter baskets have been dismantled. Yes, Easter is over.

Or is it? For Jesus’ followers that first Easter was merely a beginning. They had learned the glorious news that Jesus is alive and over the next 40 days he appeared to various followers on different occasions. Their joy was great! Easter changed the lives of the believers. Jesus the Savior became alive for the believers not only physically, but spiritually as well.

In the ensuing weeks, months, and years, Jesus’ followers would go on do miracles, baptize many into the kingdom, and even die for Jesus. They were changed by the resurrection from doubters to bold believers. The followers of Jesus were never the same after Easter.

Has Easter changed us? I am ashamed to admit that it is easy for me to fall back into the routine of daily living. It is easy to let Easter be a day.

That is why I try to ponder Jesus’ death and resurrection daily. I want to remember the excruciating pain of the thorns on his head, the blood that poured from his wounds, and the burden of my guilt and suffering heaped upon him. I also want to remember the joy of his resurrection on Easter, the joy of knowing my Savior lives.

And I want to be changed. I pray that the Holy Spirit pours upon me as it did those early believers and I, too, become a bold witness for Jesus. I pray that Easter may reflect in my attitude and my countenance. I pray that Jesus’ resurrection is a daily occurrence in my life. The sweetest words I know are “He is risen! He is risen indeed! Alleluia!”

May you celebrate Easter every day too!

Blessings in the Risen Savior,

Kelly Haack


2 thoughts on “Easter Everyday

  1. I am changed. I only pray that I continue to grow in the faith as I have in in the last 10 months! Thanks! I enjoy reading.

  2. Debbie,

    Thank you for leaving a comment. I praise Jesus that you have been growing the last 10 months! What a blessing to you and to everyone you meet!

    Kelly Haack

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