Ya Just Never Know

During my work day I go to lunch with four fellow lunch ladies.   We sit in the break room; we’ll eat whatever the students are being served that day, and there’s a chance we’ll moan and groan about the food just like they do.  We chitter chatter about anything under the sun; we try to wake up; some of us just sit there and relish being off our feet.

Once in a while church is brought up.  I emphasize how blessed Beautiful Savior is to have such fine pastors leading/serving the congregation.  And I’ve said several times that I’ve gotten squeamish sensing the sermons I’m hearing are being directly at this sinner.  I’ve noted the one common bond our pastors possess: a love for athletics.  And I always stress that whatever Bible verses are read during the service the pastors apply the lessons of those words to daily life

A couple weeks ago one of those co-workers asked me what time church services were held.  She said her two kids had been asking about church and God and were anxious to learn more.  Her first visit was to hear Pastor Keith preach while her kids were in Sunday school.  She went down to pick them up after church and her son wanted to know when he was coming back.  He wanted more.  It turns out one of his flag football coaches was his teacher.

Her son continues to go to Sunday school.  My co-worker has heard all three pastors preach and she told me I had a pretty good handle on each of them.  She especially liked Pastor Ryan’s reference to Iowa as her Dad is a big Iowa State fan.  I have emphasized to my co-worker that everyone is on his own faith journey.  I’d try to answer questions she had and I encouraged her to contact a Stephen Minister if she ever felt she needed an objective ear.

Ya just never know…….I thank you God for working in mysterious ways.  Some chitter chatter during lunch resulted in a family seeking to learn more about You.

In His Grip,

Jeanie Shank



4 thoughts on “Ya Just Never Know

  1. You have me hooked! I’m looking forward to reading your next entry on April 17. Keep up the chitter chatter during the lunch hour. Wish I could join you!

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