I have become that lady! I’m not sure when/how it happened. I think it has something to do with being an “empty nester.” (No pun…) It might have something to do with the love my dad had for things of nature. I have vague memories of Grossmutter staring out the window with her binoculars. What is that lady? I like to think (gently, now) that I’m a bird-lover. But some may call me “that bird lady.”

Ok, ok, I confess. I have been known to carry binoculars with me wherever I go. (Just in case!) And the other day, I actually drove down a gravel road about 2 miles from my house because I heard that there were migrating Pectoral Sandpipers and Yellowlegs at the sod farm. (Didn’t see them, but then again, I’m not sure I’d know them even if I did!)


Bluebirds in Nebraska
 thanks to BBNE.org

In addition to bird-watching, I love feeding my feathered friends year round. Many times, I sneak out in my jammies to feed the birds in the morning. I’m thankful that we rarely have cars drive by, and the neighbors usually can’t see me. This daily ritual brings me blessings, too. Why, just today, I saw a daddy Cardinal gently place a tasty safflower seed in his loved one’s beak just after I filled up the feeder.

Lately, my hub and I have taken on a bluebird trail of 37 boxes (in addition to the 4 bluebird boxes on our property, and 3 in Denton, NE). What fun we have driving through the muddy lanes, opening box after box, checking to make sure things are a-ok for the nesting parents. (We must always run through a car wash directly after this excursion! Who would’ve thought my husband doesn’t like muddy cars?!?)

Watching, feeding, and checking the birds brings me great joy. As I observe their spring behavior, I marvel at these little creatures that God created. As I learn more about migration, and study the incredible, creative ways that birds fly (or not fly), find food, build nests, care for their young, and just generally survive in today’s world, I can’t help but give God thanks and praise for delighting me with His creation. Most importantly, I am daily reminded that even as He cares for these birds of the field, so even more He promises to care and provide for me. (Matthew 6:26)

I left one of the most beautiful things about birds for last. Singing! Oh my, these little guys have the gift of song! I fling open my window and listen to the tiny yellow finches singing their hearts out, hoping to attract that perfect mate. Just so, God takes great delight in me…and you. In His great love, He calms all of my fears, and yours. He rejoices over me, and you, with singing! (Zephaniah 3:17) Take a moment this week to notice the little feathered friends around you, remembering that Your Father in heaven takes great delight in you, my beautiful friend!

Be blessed!



8 thoughts on “I am “THAT LADY!”

  1. As I read your blog this morning, I couldn’t help but imagine you sneaking around places, looking out from behind trees to find birds with your binoculars. I love your point of view friend. Much respect and admiration…

  2. It’s amazing, isn’t it? He’s amazing, isn’t He? Everytime I see a nature program, and the intricate, elaborate and clever ways of birds and animals are puzzles to scientists, I know who created those instincts in all creatures. And I am amazed that He loves me…and you, too, my sister in Christ.

    • I so agree my friend. Simply incredible. I always find great comfort in His love for me and the way that God is involved in every detail of our lives. So evident in the way He connected us together. You are such a blessing!

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