What Instructions?

Something you may not know about me is that I am a visual learner. I’m the person who would prefer to watch a movie or see a demonstration than sit down and read instructions or a book. Sometimes when I read, I like to skip over words. Then I wonder why a project turns out horrible or a recipe goes up in flames.

Every time we play a board game, my husband Scott gets the instructions out even though he’s played the game numerous times. He just wants to refresh his memory and make sure that everyone is playing by the rules. In the beginning of our marriage, this annoyed me. Now I see it as a learning opportunity, because board games don’t include instructional movies for me to watch before playing.

While getting ready for work one day, I complained about the new hair mousse I had bought. I have naturally curly hair, so I have to use many products to tame it.  Hair mousse seems to do the trick. As I stood there complaining, Scott took the bottle and turned it around and read the instructions. I said “Hey, I know how to use THAT.” He proceeded to read the instructions aloud. “Take a small dollop, place it in your hand and comb through hair while wet. Heat hair with a dryer for best results.” WHAT? I’m supposed to use a hair dryer after I’ve applied the mousse, and then it activates the chemicals to make my hair look better? I was surprised, more like shocked, really. I can’t believe my husband took the bottle, read the instructions and found out what my problem was. Do you know how many times I have used hair products and NOT read the instructions? I have asked my friends and yes, they do the same thing. What about you?

the-instruction-manual-1How many times have I chosen to do something without reading the instructions first? God’s Word gives us the instructions. His plan is laid out in sixty-six chapters of a book called the Bible.  It tells us what to do with our sins. It even tells us how to love others. Sometimes His Instruction Manual goes right out the window. Sometimes we choose to ignore it and don’t even read His Word.

Looks like I need to stop assuming how things work and truly read, “The Instruction Manual”.

Reading alongside you this week,

Carey Oswald


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