Spring Cleaning My Bible



From time to time I throw assorted tidbits of paper into my Bible. I have found an
editorial following the Millard South tragedy in there. I’ve got my brother’s pamphlet
The Mental Approach Bison Basketball in the back. I’ve got our Life Group’s Bible Study
Series study book on Isaiah tucked in between the pages. And I have an emailed birthday
greeting from 2009 which I kept for sentimental reasons. There’s some Portals of Prayer
selected daily readings included. And I have a 2013 calendar available for reference.

Back on July 17, 2011 Pastor Keith gave a sermon stressing the 5 R’s to use when reading God’s Word.   I’ve got these noted on a recipe card. I believe that would be filed under Food for the Soul.
I’d like to share these steps.

RELAX. Get in a quiet zone, so God’s Word can infiltrate your mind and your soul.

READ. Take your time. Concentrate and focus. Now I’m confessing right here and now
if I can’t pronounce a word/name, I fake it. But if it’s a word, more often than not I’ll use
my Webster’s to help me discover the point of the verse.

REFLECT. Think. Does what you’re reading apply to your life at this season? What’s the theme
or lesson of the words? Breathe in the Holy Word. Breathe out the aroma of Jesus
(nice line…borrowed it from Portals of Prayer)

RECORD. Consider journaling about what you’ve read. Make a note in your Bible if some
phrase touches your heart.

REQUEST. At the end of your session consider a prayer. Thank God for the opportunity to learn from His Word or ask Him for the strength and energy to practice what He preaches. Turn to God for help on your daily faith journey.

Revelation 1:3 Blessed is the one who reads aloud the words of this prophecy, and blessed are those who hear it and take to heart what is written in it, because the time is near.

In His Grip,

Jeanie Shank


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