What little ears DO hear

We have all heard the advice “be careful what you say in front of your children”. I’ve tried over the years to remember this advice.

After September 11, 2001, our son Nic (who was 5 at the time) watched the news with us and then for days after drew pictures of buildings on fire. He repeated what he saw and heard.

When Paige was younger she would copy things we would say, at times cracking us up with laughter. She repeated what she saw and heard.

Alexa has always been our little character. We haven’t always been so worried about what we say in front of her as she has 2 older siblings who tend to discuss a variety of things. But sometimes she does repeat things we say….

On Mother’s Day this year I woke up and went down to eat some breakfast. Alexa  also woke up and came down to watch a little TV before her siblings steal the remote. Paige was so sweet, she toasted a bagel and made me some chocolate milk. She said “Happy Mother’s Day” and hugged me, yet Alexa still didn’t say anything.

After a while, Alexa got up and brought me a large envelope. She had decorated it with pictures and things about me she loved. As I opened her gift, I saw a picture of her and then read her poem.

alexa mom's day

Her poem reads:

Loving, caring, happy
Lover of cats, dogs and her family
Who is able to cook, play games and manage jewelry
Who feels happy, sad and mad
Who wonders when Alexa is going to tell funny plumber jokes again
Who fears her kids are going to go to college and move out
Who would like to go to Hong Kong again and do VBS
Who dreams to have another kid

When you think children aren’t paying attention, they are. She had sensed my emotions, my dream of having a 4th child and she also feels my sadness of her brother moving to college next year. I didn’t think she was paying attention to what I was saying. Yet she was. She repeated what she saw and heard.

Just when we think God isn’t paying attention, He is. He sees what is happening in our lives and hears our cries for help. He gives us His Word to teach our children so that they can repeat what they see and hear. Isn’t that amazing? Just when we think He’s not listening, He shows up through our children with love, encouragement and hugs.

I had the best Mother’s Day yet. I hope and pray that you had a wonderful day too!

Love to you,
Carey Oswald


2 thoughts on “What little ears DO hear

  1. Wonderful! Thank you for the reminder that God never forgets us, even when we are not faithful. He is always listening, always caring in ways we least expect!

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