Toilet paper on my shoe

Have you had one of those days where you’ve been down or upset and don’t think you will snap out of it?

Last week I had a day like that. While at work, I received a phone call that was upsetting, so I decided to take a break. I headed into the restroom to collect my thoughts. After I used the restroom and washed my hands, I walked out of the bathroom into a tiled hallway. I noticed my feet weren’t making the same even amount of noise they usually make. As I looked down at my feet, I noticed I had a long toilet paper trail riding along behind me!!

I looked around me and thankfully no one was watching!! I grabbed the TP and quickly threw it in the garbage! I didn’t feel like I could tell anyone, but then I realized how much other people would probably enjoy this hilarious moment!


When I came home, I wrote a Facebook status telling others about my day: “Another true story: today I was a little annoyed/upset by something and was trying to keep the negative thoughts out of my head…I used the restroom and as I walked out I noticed that my one shoe made noise when I walked and the other heel didn’t…as I looked down angrily I realized that I had a long piece of toilet paper stuck to my shoe and it was following me around. Why share this? Because I realize that if I keep letting these negative thoughts affect me they are gonna stick to me like TP. I just need to learn how to yank them off my shoe and go on with my head held high. Otherwise the negativity is gonna keep following me around. Laughter is the best medicine…hope you laughed!”

Many people commented with laughter and thanks as I opened myself up to embarrassment and some humiliation. My statement was true though; I have to keep going on and hold my head up high, even when I am embarrassed, hurt or upset.

Sadly, in the past six months or so, I have lost several good friendships, one of whom was my friend for almost 18 years. I’m not sure what has happened or what changed, but I am realizing that I can’t keep beating myself up over things that I have no control over. God has always been my rock and my strength, and when I had toilet paper stuck to my shoe, I really had no one to call and tell the funny story to. I no longer have a best friend, someone to share those crazy moments with. For the first time ever, I looked up and talked to God about it. I know He was laughing with me; He is my forever best friend. I just wish I picked up my “prayer phone” and talked to Him more.

Don’t forget to laugh at yourself and definitely pick the toilet paper off of your shoe….and go on…

Carey Oswald


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