Brotherly love

What a great day! Picture perfect Nebraska June day. Humidity up, up and the sun sizzling hot. As I bake in the sun at work watching the sweaty children play, I am asked thousands of questions.

“Can I go to the bathroom?” “I am thirsty. Can I go get a drink?” “Will you push me on the swing?” “Have you seen any rollie pollies?”


Then, I am asked the most honest, sweet thing of the day. An older sister to a preschooler comes to me frowning and concerned. She says, “Ya see Miss Alex, I know it sounds mean and I don’t want to hurt his feelings but my little brother won’t leave me alone. We play at home together all the time. Here, at daycare, I want to just play with my friends. What should I do?”


I was taken aback at how well she expressed herself. Her little brother was watching and I am pretty sure knew what was going on. I asked her if she had told little brother exactly what she told me. I was sure he would understand. I told her to try but that it would be hard to do. She told him and her friends went off playing with little brother and not her! It did not work out as hoped. Later they were all playing together again.

The siblings knew that the other loved them so things worked out in the end. It happened the same between my brother and I as well. My brother was smart and I knew it. He, Gabe, is seven years older than me. He taught me how to tie my shoes. We practiced before he went to school each morning. I knew he loved me but I would have to wait years for him to ever express it to me. That is just the way he is and I love him.


One more brotherly love story. A friend of mine recently helped his sister move to Omaha because she accepted a new job here. She has never lived in Omaha and knew only her brother. During her first week on the job she was overwhelmed and tired like most people are. However, her big brother worried she was not happy. I know this because he texted me to ask if I would hang out with her. Number one rule of course, I couldn’t let her know that he was worried! I schemed and plotted to form a plan. The guys and I were planning on watching a World Cup qualifier game one night and she would definitely be coming along with her brother too. I got her number and casually asked how her week was going. Then, told her I was going shopping before meeting the guys and that she was welcome to come along. She accepted! We talked about adjusting to Omaha and shopped at TJ MAX. I helped her find a stunning dress that she loved. Later at the table while we all chowed down on pizza, I looked over at her brother and he is mouthing, “Thank you”, on the other side of his pizza slice. I smiled and laughed. Oh brothers!

It is funny how people show their love for others. Some people never want another soul to know or see. Others flaunt and share an endless amount of love for everyone. God shows his love to  us in funny ways sometimes. We may not understand it for years but when we finally feel it or see it, its astounding! My friend’s little sister may not have known what he was up to or she could have but either way I saw the love. I witnessed it and it impacted me. That was God’s way of showing me that my older brother loves me even though he doesn’t outwardly express it. I am thankful for the reminders because it feels good to loved.


—Alex Tatro

One thought on “Brotherly love

  1. Love one another with brotherly affection. Outdo one another in showing honor. Romans 12:10 is he verse that keeps floating in my head when I read your blog today:) my friend and I made up a little song with that verse so I have been singing all day in my head! We do love to be loved! Love you dear friend!

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