When I say I do

I just returned from a well-needed, well-deserved vacation with my family to Wyoming and South Dakota. I’d like to thank my friends Jeanie and Jeanne for blogging in my place while I was away.

I will probably write about our time there for the upcoming weeks, and I hope and pray that you will not get bored, but will enjoy the photos and the experiences that God granted us.

Scott and I have been married for 15 years on July 18th. Like most married couples, we have had our shares of ups and downs. We have changed jobs, had medical issues and have had family members pass away. Something that always remained and stayed consistent was God. Scott was the first person to ever ask me to attend church with him. He was the person who taught my son Nic how to dress himself. He played with him and took him to see Nascar races. Scott has loved our girls from the moment he first held them. I can still remember how he looked when he held Paige as a newborn. He looked scared and a little worried. After some time, he became a professional baby holder, diaper changer and cuddler. Then Alexa came along. She was our smallest at only 6 lbs. 9 ounces. When he brought her to me, he was already an expert cuddler. He held her with much confidence, pure love, and joy. For all of these reasons and many more, I wanted to renew my vows to this man.

We are both turning 40 this year, and had discussed having a renewal service with a big party afterwards to celebrate both. Then Scott mentioned renewing our vows while on vacation, with just our children and God. I didn’t even hesitate at the idea, I thought it was perfect!! I was so excited that I took our daughters to help find artificial flowers to make bouquets.

We wanted to renew our vows at the Teton National Park. We drove around looking for “the spot.” On June 4th during a float trip down the Snake River, our guide told us about a place that not many tourists know about. He said there were barns located just off of the main road where Mormons settled many years ago. We decided to take a quick look to see if this could be “our location.” As soon as we drove up the street and saw the barns, we knew it would be the perfect place! We went home, changed our clothes and got ready for our ceremony. P1030713

I’m sure the tourists that saw us all dressed up wondered what in the world we were doing, but as a family we knew exactly what was in our hearts to do that day. We took a few pictures and then went behind the barn with the mountains in the background to say our vows. We videotaped the little ceremony so we can show it to our family and watch it again

Our children stood beside us, just like at a church ceremony. Before we began, Scott pulled out his phone to play a song. I had anticipated the song would be from our first dance, “From This Moment On,” but instead he played, “When I Say I do,” by Matthew West. As you can imagine, I was so surprised and so touched. We stood holding hands and listened to the song. My eyes swelled with tears, as did Scott’s.

Scott began praying for our family, our trip and our future. As we said our vows, I reaffirmed my love and commitment to my husband. Not only did I recommit myself to my husband, but also to our amazing children. As we kissed in front of our children, our youngest, Alexa, grabbed hold of us as she always does, and then the older kids followed suit. I couldn’t ask for a better end to our ceremony.

I recommitted myself to my husband and to God. Our vow renewal may leave some people puzzled and confused, but that day meant so much to me. I can see so clearly now, thanks be to God.

I pondered sharing the video with you, but because I lay my life out for Christ, I lay my life out before you. Please enjoy our love, laughter and tears.

Your newlywed sister in Christ,

Carey Oswald


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