“Log in Please”


I could hear the tune in my head, those beginning notes composed by John Williams from the movie “Jaws”.  “ Dun-dun, dun-dun, dun-dun. It happened again; the dreaded notice from my IT department at work informing me that access to my computer would be changing. “A new password will be assigned for safety and security”.  Lovely I thought another code to remember for the next six weeks until it would once again be changed. Can nothing stay the same? I understand the reasoning, but I stopped and then started adding up the number of login names, codes, passwords, phrases, pin numbers, whatever is needed not just for clocking in at my job, but for every program I need to access. On a daily basis that is more than a dozen, and that is just at work!  All of us (unless we’ve sworn off electronic devices and anything digital) are in the same boat.

We are advised repeatedly to keep this information in a safe place, but for me, the original dinosaur I have a post-it note with some of my passwords taped to my keyboard. How safe is that? I assure you I can memorize a new number, but the difficulty arises when it has to have (you know the drill) a certain number of characters, combination of numbers, letters, uppercase, lowercase, no repeats and please include a symbol and nothing that resembles your name…agghhh!  Thus the note next to my monitor, while I hear the sighs from the IT techs coming through my computer.

I think some days, “Is all this necessary?” The answer is, “Well if you want a secure line, safe access, it is.”  At least that is what this world says, but our God is quite different. That’s when I say, “Thank you Lord. I don’t need to have a secret login, a creative password when I want to talk with you.”  Think about it.  You have access to your Lord, your best friend, your Savior, the one who knows everything about you – and still loves you just the same; 24-7!  He hears your cries; He sees your tears; He listens to your thank you’s (that at times are slow in coming) and he says, “Come here, pull up a chair. My arms are open. I’ll hold your hand.  You can lean on me.  Put your head on my shoulder. Tell me about your day. I love you. I forgive you.” [Reference: Matt 11:28; John 3:16; Prov 3:5 1 John 1:9; Phil 4:19; Hebrews 13:5]

Wow! How comforting is that?  I never get, “Sorry that was an invalid number”, or “Please re-enter the information again” or worse yet, “Access denied, please call for technical support.”  My Jesus never says that to me! In this day and age He is the one thing that is constant, never changing, always the same and for me, the original dinosaur I take pride and comfort in that.  I can open my bible and listen to His love, reassurance, provision, find guidance and forgiveness.  Each morning I can open my eyes and say, “Good morning Lord!” and each evening I can sigh, “Good evening Lord, thank you!”

“Dear Lord, how sweet it is to know that you read my thoughts (yes, my heart inside and out) before I can even speak the words. No login, no password required. How simple and overwhelming at the same time! I love you!”

Blessings, Doneta


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