That nasty little 4-letter word. W-A-I-T. I realized last week that really, our entire life will be spent waiting…for something, someone, sometime, somewhere. Waiting for little things–like stoplights to turn green, dinner to be ready, school to be over (or begin). Waiting for big things–a job, retirement, a spouse, a baby…A BABY! Yes, at my house we are anxiously awaiting the arrival of baby boy Lawson, (my oldest daughter’s 2nd child), whose “due date” is today. Some of us are even more anxious than others–especially baby L’s mom, I would say. It’s been a long W-A-I-T for those 9 months to be over. Things are so much more difficult when a person is sick or in pain.

The Isaiah verse kept coming to mind this morning (from chapter 4, verse 31):  “Those that wait upon the Lord will renew their strength.” What exactly does it mean to wait upon the Lord? Does it mean, literally, “Hold on, He’ll be there in a minute.” Don’t think so.  “Just wait patiently?” How do I get strength from waiting patiently?

I did a little research, wanting to know more about the original meaning of the word wait. The Hebrew word is qavah, which has a literal and a figurative meaning. Now, without losing you, I just want to say that the explanation I came across was very encouraging to me. I especially liked the figurative meaning of the word wait, which means “to bind together like a cord.” A single piece of string is not really all that strong, but if you weave several pieces of string together, you have a much stronger cord or rope. Each piece of string helps the other one out so that the cord doesn’t break. (Read Ecclesiastes 4:12) It’s interesting that the figurative meaning of the word wait has to do with strength.

I thought about my “God-cord.” How is it made strong? Well, it strengthened by faith in the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. It becomes stronger when I read my Bible, where I am reminded of God’s faithfulness throughout the ages. It becomes stronger when I hear people’s testimonies about the miracle they’ve experienced, that thing that could only have come about by the power of a great, unseen force from a loving, caring God. My “God-cord” becomes stronger as I remember (or in my case, as I re-read my journals) specific things that have occurred in my life that have been clear-cut cases of God’s timely and amazing interventions. It becomes stronger when I share my needs with the Father, and with friends who I know will pray. I find it also true that the older I get (sorry, young’uns), the more I feel like waiting on the Lord truly does renew my strength. Well, at least my spiritual strength, and that’s what matters, right?

Dear God, Please help my family to wait, trusting You to bring baby Lawson into the world at just the right time. Father, we all need your help in so many areas of our lives. Please show us how to wait on You and to be strengthened by You, dear Father, precious Son, and life-changing Holy Spirit. Thank you so much for hearing all of our prayers, and for Your great love. Help us to be witnesses–to give testimony–to the specific things that have happened in our lives that clearly point to You and Your grace so that others might be strengthened. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Have a beautiful weekend!



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