My God is a jack-of-all trades and Master of each and every one of them.  He’s especially awesome at making beautiful things.  The following is a very, very short list of His work. 

…God can paint pretty pictures.  Everyone has his favorite sunset memory.  I remember the year I was driving my son to a college visit and we were heading west.  The gorgeous colors tooksunset my breath away.  I wanted to drive right into that sunset and see God’s paintbrush in action.

…God can capture the perfect moment.  When I see the American flag blowing in the breeze, I think of all the sacrifices men and women have made for me and for my country.   God bless them.  I’ve seen the video reunions of troops  returning home and the complete and utter joy on their family members’ faces….and yup, the dog is pretty happy too.  

…God can excite the taste buds.   Just picture a slab of ribs slathered with barbeque sauce with an ear of Nebraska  sweet corn on the side and some fresh green beans from the garden adorning your plate.  Celebrate the 4th of July with watermelon too. 

…God can and does grant individuals extraordinary abilities.  Like our pastors I get into sports.  I love seeing a finely executed double play or the outfielder scaling the wall to catch the seeming homerun ball.  How do I not mention football in Big Red Country…the wide receiver leaps high to catch the pigskin; the running back cracks through the line, the safety delivers a bodacious hit.   Little Jack’s run at the Red-White spring game was beauty in motion. 

…God can give us beautiful memories.  When I was young Lenten services ended with the lights turned off, and a spot light focused on the cross at the front of the church.  The altar glowed.  The congregation sang Abide With Me.  I liked having the main lights off.  Nothing was competing with the cross for attention. 

And reader, you are one of the beautiful things God made.   Each of us is one of God’s unique blessings made in His image and loved by Him perfectly even with our imperfections. 

God bless America.

In His Grip,


Jeanie Shank







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