God’s Great Dance Floor

This spring my husband and I were blessed to be able to see Chris Tomlin in concert. If the name doesn’t ring a bell, you’ve probably sang his songs in church without knowing it, as he’s the most prolific Christian songwriter today.

The concert was an amazing time of worship – some songs serious and focused, some awe-inspiring. But know what stuck with me the most? The absolutely fun, bouncy song called “God’s Great Dance Floor.”

Seem like an unusual name for a song? It’s an unusual song with a strong dance beat – something I normally don’t listen to. But it’s an addictive song that is awfully fun to be sung at the top of your lungs with several thousand other brothers and sisters in Christ (complete with large beach balls bouncing through the crowd):

You’ll never stop loving us
No matter how far we run
You’ll never give up on us
All of heaven shouts: let the future begin

I feel alive, I come alive
I am alive on God’s great dance floor

At that concert, I found myself dancing and even jumping around to the song. And you know what? Everyone else was, too! It was one of those times where you couldn’t help but let your hair down and be full of complete and utter joy.  I felt alive.

I think we find ourselves lacking in that kind of true joy most of the time. When was the last time you heard Christians described as “joyful” by the world around us? Instead, we more frequently hear terms like “serious,” “judgmental” or “hypocritical.”

What would happen if we took more time to really be joyful and let ourselves dance (literally or figuratively)? It’s funny – to be that joyful you have to really surrender your inhibitions and fears (What happens if I trip when I dance? What if I sing off-key?). But isn’t that what God really wants from us – for us to surrender to Him, to His will for our lives, to the joy that only He can provide?

Think how many more people we could help direct towards the Father if we had a face that reflects our surrender and His joy, instead of a downcast one. Embrace what Psalm 68:3 says:

But may the righteous be glad
and rejoice before God;
may they be happy and joyful.

Try this week to let your hair down and be truly joyful (even if you only dance in your bedroom with no one looking – it will be a start!). I pray that you’ll feel more alive in that joy in this wonderful world that is God’s dance floor.

– Jen Clark


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