Stranded on a Desert Island

So, who would you want to be stranded with on a desert island?  Rob Lowe?  Is there a celebrity you’d like to do lunch with?  Shemar Moore?  Carrie Underwood?  If you could shake the hand of a famous individual, whose hand would that be?   Laura Bush?  Lavonte David?

If you could be with Jesus as He preached His ministry, which Bible story would you like to witness?

I’ve thought about three instances I’d like to be with My Savior.

John 11:35


Jesus weeps after learning His friend Lazarus has died.

I wish I could be there to wipe His tears and console Him.

I’d give Him a hug too.

John 4

woman at well

Jesus talks with the Samaritan woman at the well.

What was it like for this woman to look into Jesus’ eyes?

The eyes are the window to the soul.  What did she see?

Peace?  Serenity?

Matthew 21:12, 13

jesus overturns tables

Jesus overturns the tables at the temple.

He’s got his Dad’s back.  He scolds the traders

peddling their wares in His Father’s house.

The testosterone kicks in and the carpenter’s

muscles are on display.

Jesus is my favorite action hero.

I’m curious.  What about you?   If you could be with Jesus while

He was here on earth, when would you like to be by His side?

Ponder the question.  Let me know – leave me a comment.


In His Grip,

Jeanie Shank


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