What Would Jesus Wear?

sharpdressedman  As we drove to church last Sunday, I contemplated a blog on The Avengers movie which my husband and I had watched Saturday night.  Lo and behold we go to church and what does Pastor Ryan’s sermon revolve around but an action movie he had watched.  So be it.

According to dictionary.com avenge is to take vengeance or exact satisfaction for, to take vengeance on behalf of.  The Avengers is a team brought together to save the world from one devilish character and his cohorts.

One scene included the line from Captain America… “There’s only one God ma’am, and I’m pretty sure he doesn’t dress like that!”

Which got me to thinking…..if God came down to earth right now, what would He dress like?

Please tell me He wouldn’t wear saggy pants.  But  I know He very well could.  I’m pretty sure God would blend into His surroundings.  Humility is His game; not flashy bling or Air Jordans…….or would He wear them?  What would He wear to reach His flock?

Would His ears/nose/tongue be pierced?  Would He have any tats?  My body is a temple; yet none of these cosmetic applications are “deal breakers”.  God loves me with or without them.

I wonder if He’d have slightly graying hair or a bald clean shaven head or an abundance of long, silky red tresses?   Does it matter?

I don’t think He’d be polka dotted.  He’d be black or white or a mix or He’d be yellow or red or any color of any race on the earth.  God’s colorblind.  He just sees inside the person.

Maybe He’d be a She……there got that out of my system.

Would He dress like my neighbor across the street?  Would He wear a 3-piece suit with a red power tie?    Would He throw on scrubs and work miracles on patients?  Would He wear a baseball cap, a football helmet?  Would he put on a pastor’s robe on Sundays?

Here’s the thing.  It doesn’t matter what He’d wear.  He’s God.   The outer trappings aren’t important to Him.  His focus is on the heart, on the mind, on the soul.  Remember His creation wore birthday suits.

In His Grip,

Jeanie Shank


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