Just Breathe

Breathe sunsetGod created these remarkable bodies we have and though we may not always appreciate the package and oft times want to change or reapply for a newer model, our Father designed us exactly as He wanted; according to His specifications.  Just think about it; and what the human body can endure is just as remarkable!

~~ We can survive weeks without food.  Check out the account in Matthew 4:1 of Christ in the wilderness going 40 days without food.  Sure you are saying, “Well of course, that was Jesus.”  But there are hundreds of documented individuals who have survived 28, 36, and yes 40 days without food. [Reference Alan D. Lieberson, MD – Scientific American]  “What is evident is that the body can moderate metabolism to conserve energy and that individual survival varies markedly.”

~~ We can survive days without water before dehydration takes its toll. [Reference Corey Binns – Live Science] “…in a harsh environment, on a snowing day, you have 3 hours to survive without shelter, but after 3 days you need water or you will perish.”

~~But, we can only go minutes without air before our lungs collapse and the lack of oxygen shuts down our body entirely!

Just think – weeks of no food – days of no water – but mere minutes without breathing!

Let’s draw the parallel. Take God’s Word and sacraments. That is our spiritual food and water. We can try to forget reading His message, ignore His voice, stop partaking of the grace of forgiveness with communion or abstain from the fellowship of our fellow believers. We can try and live apart from that and we can subsist (I’m not sure I would classify it as that). Certainly some would insist that you can survive without it, but I would suggest it is not thriving.  In this weak and wounded world you need to do more than survive if you indeed want to (as our last sermon series offers) “Get off your Donkey” and begin encouraging and loving others. It is minimal at best. Who in this world wants the “bare minimum”?

That brings us to our lungs and breathing. The lack of oxygen to our bodies results in death. And that my sisters brings me to prayer.  PRAYER IS SPIRITUAL BREATHING.  PRAYER IS OUR OXYGEN, OUR AIR. Without it we die. Talk to your Heavenly Father, pour out your heart, fall into His arms, climb onto His lap and let His hands hold you securely! That’s talking with Him, lips – heart – soul! That’s prayer and that is your spiritual breath!  Fill up your lungs, inhale deeply of His love! He can’t wait to hear from you and you can’t survive without Him!  Just breathe!

 Video from Jan Parkinson with Colonial Church UCC in Prairie Village, KS

Blessings to you, Doneta


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