You’re an Overcomer!

This weekend, I heard a song in my car and loved it so much I had to turn it up! You know that song you hear and it gets you going, motivated and ready to strut down a catwalk?! The artist is Mandisa, and she has a new album coming out in August. Her first single from the album is titled “Overcomer.”

As I drove with the music blaring, I started thinking about the words: “Got so much on your mind, nothing’s really going right, looking for a ray of hope,” and thought of all of the women I know in person or even celebrities that have overcome obstacles in their life.

Recently, my co-worker Monika fought a strong and brave battle with breast cancer. She didn’t let this illness get the best of her. Even during her treatments, she would walk down the halls at work with a smile on her face, an adorable baseball cap on, and pink ribbons everywhere! The students at our school did a fundraiser for her, and there were pink ribbons all over the school and lockers too! Monika reminded me of what it’s like to be strong, courageous and to never give up. She stayed in the fight until the final round. She’s an overcomer!

Then my mind drifted to a young woman featured on the news who fought to save her life after being attacked by a shark. Bethany Hamilton was just 13 when she was attacked by a shark while surfing in Hawaii. She lost her arm, but was determined to continue on with a “normal” life. Just 4 years after the attack she became a professional surfer. She has written a book, and has had a movie filmed about her life. Just this past weekend, she married her fiancée. She continues to show all of us how to be an overcomer.

My mind then wandered right back to my home state of Nebraska. Over 30 years ago, a young woman woke up with her face partially paralyzed. Not knowing what to do, she immediately went to the hospital to see what was wrong. She was told then that she had a condition called “Bell’s Palsy.” This condition can be permanent, or the paralysis can eventually leave. She was diagnosed on her daughter’s 10th birthday. She obviously didn’t want to worry her, so she took special care not to scare her little girl.

Several years later, she was told she also had a disease called Multiple Sclerosis, which affects the neurological system in the body. After researching, she realized that she could be in a wheelchair within a few years. Currently, she is under strict medical care, but walks without a cane and doesn’t require a wheelchair.

Then, during a routine x-ray in 2008, this same sweet woman was told she may have lung cancer. Scared, worried and very concerned, she came to her grandchildren’s house to let them know about this diagnosis. Surgery was scheduled soon after. This woman is my mom. When she woke up after the surgery, she looked at me and knew she had cancer. One of the saddest moments for me as a daughter was to nod my head and tell her that, yes indeed, she did have cancer. She was officially diagnosed with stage 1A lung cancer. My mom is an overcomer. She beat the odds, and with a smile on her face and love in her heart, she continues to live each day to the fullest. She hit the ground and got right back up!

We all know women who are hurt or in pain. Most of us reading this have had something to overcome in our lives. Maybe it’s an eating disorder, bullying, abuse, divorce, job loss, or even the death of someone we love. We are all overcomers!

When we are down, let’s pick each other up with love, grace and prayer. Don’t ever let anyone or anything tear you down! God created us to be like Him; beautiful and so precious. God is holding us always, even when we feel hopeless.

What to do now? Take this video clip, paste it on your facebook wall or in an email and encourage someone you love! Then, download it and blast it in your car!

With music blaring,


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