And My Day is Now Complete

youmademyday1     Everybody has them.  (Or am I the only one?)  Those days when co-workers are annoying, irritating and just plain dimwits.  The manager shares information and you find out what you thought you heard isn’t what was said.  You go home and your better half nitpicks about something of no importance whatsoever.  It’s cloudy and ugly (clugly) outside.  And maybe it’s a Monday to boot.  You shudder when you go through the day’s mail.  You look down and whatever you’re wearing has a stain on it.  And you can’t kill that pesky fly that’s driving you crazy.

So you return a phone call to your financial rep.  And your day changes.

Jeanie:  Hi, Mr. Jones.  I’m returning your call.

Mr. Jones:  Well, thank you and my day is now complete.

This was said without a hint of sarcasm and so sincerely.  I take several deep breaths and utter the words, “Be still my heart.”  I mean I was completely taken off guard by this simple act of niceness.   Talk about making my day!  He probably thought I was losing it.  Little did he know how right he was – but his simple touch of niceness helped me find myself.

Which got me to thinking………you know the rubber bracelets that everyone wears.  They’re actually a dime a dozen nowadays.  Well, I’d like to make one that says T.O.N. which stands for Touch of Niceness.  I’m imagining a white band representing the Holy Spirit, red letters symbolizing God our Father (red is definitely thee power color), and a purple dot behind each letter for our King Jesus.

I know the Holy Spirit is in me.  I just need to start letting the Holy Spirit out of me.

I also know I’m capable of performing a T.O.N. daily.

In His Grip,

Jeanie Shank


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