Encourage others, Pay it Forward

therefore-encourageWhen the Women’s Ministry at our church decided to start writing a blog, we wanted to inspire women through our faith in God. We prayed about how this would come together and how our day to day happenings would help encourage other women around the country and possibly the world.

This weekend while at a coffee shop drive thru, a young lady mentioned how she didn’t receive a tip for the 8 coffees she had made for the car ahead of me. I wanted to bless her and gave her a tip that was the same as the cost of my coffee. I couldn’t make up for what her feelings were, but hoped that I would encourage her by giving her something to brighten her day.

I started thinking about the word encourage. In the Webster’s dictionary, encourage is defined as: to inspire with courage, spirit, or hope. To attempt to persuade, to spur on.

Encouragement can come in so many different packages. It might be a post you see online, a glance from a friend or even a handwritten card sent in the mail. It may look like a teacher who relates to you, a simple hug or just someone holding your hand.

I’ve been encouraged by so many people in my life and I think it’s time to pass it on in the form of a challenge. If you have ever seen the movie “Pay it Forward” starring Helen Hunt and Kevin Spacey, you might remember a young boy who was challenged in his classroom to help people exponentially. He found 3 people to help and then those 3 people helped 3 more and so on.


If you have read any of the blogs since we started in March and felt encouraged, I challenge you to do the following things:

1-Encourage 3 people in the next week by doing something random like giving a compliment, quoting scripture, writing a note, etc. During that time I want you to join a Facebook group that has been created specifically for this challenge. You can find it by clicking this link: https://www.facebook.com/encourageotherspayitforward

2-After you have joined the Facebook group, I want you to share how you have encouraged someone. Tell the 3 people you encouraged to do the same and let’s see if we can create a movement to help encourage others.

If you have done the above steps I guarantee that the way you feel in that week will also grow exponentially. God blesses those who use their gifts to bless others.

I can’t wait to see how this goes!!

Encouraging you this week,
Carey Oswald


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