Shine bright like a diamond


In just the short time between now and my last blog entry I have been blessed. These blessings are big ones. First, my grandpa recovers quickly from a surgery and I was able to visit him with my fiancé. Secondly, yes, I am engaged! My boyfriend proposed on August 24th while we were hiking with our dog. We are excited and the ring made, or does make, me speechless. He chose wisely and I love him! Lastly, while in school completing my teaching degree I long to be in the classroom with students. Well, God knows all and I was blessed with an AVID Tutor position at Morton Middle School. I have been working two days and absolutely beam with happiness. I like middle schoolagers or adolescents, so far.

In addition, my teaching classes are fun and it is thrilling to think that this is the knowledge that I will apply in my career of molding young minds. Wow! I can’t wait to begin and apply the knowledge I have gained. On the other hand, all my knowledge of weddings is in application right now. In just the short amount of time we have been engaged Kyle has thought of some awesome ideas for the wedding. The challenge over the next few months will be for me to apply those and plan the wedding. I know there will be tough decisions and stressful moments but I do not worry. I do not worry because I want to start this life with Kyle. The business of marriage is long and choosing a good partner is crucial. I believe that we are right for each other and that is all that really matters. All the ceremony and celebration details will fall wayside when I reflect on the journey him and I will be starting.

I have been researching in the bible to find a verse that describes how I feel about the engagement and future marriage. By just looking at my face people know I am excited. Although, there is more to it than that. The relationship we have is going to grow in the next few months. I foresee it strengthening and becoming more rich. We will be sharing ideas, scheduling tastings, meeting family and spending more time together. I think about how this union will change us and our families. I mean I will have to change every document with my name on it!? How else will I change?

Proverbs 12.4

A good wife is the crown of her husband, but she who brings shame is like rottenness in his bones.

I read this verse and said,  yes, this is how I feel about becoming Mrs. Schutte. I want to make Kyle proud. Not that he wears a crown but I want to shine like diamonds in a crown for him. This role will put my character and actions in the spotlight labeled with his name. When you are introduced as someone’s future wife for the first time it sends ya for a loop. Even now during our engagement I have noticed changes in myself. For example, when I go to share my opinion on an issue I consider Kyle’s and my own thoughts before responding. I am no longer a one woman show. It happened over the weekend at the homes of our parents. Someone would ask one of us a question and we would look to each other first, then reply. Kyle has always been there to encourage me, support me and love me. Being his fiancée gives me a sparkling happiness. He makes me want to be a better person.

I pray that through God we all shine bright in our decisions and make Him proud of our good Christian ways. When giving thanks for God’s blessings may we our happiness sparkle like diamonds in a crown.

-Alexandra Tatro


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