The Power of Support

It’s that time of the year…football season. High school football is on Saturday nights. Huskers are on Saturdays.
I have to admit, I am a little sad this year. For a number of years I have had boys in football and this year neither Caleb nor Christian are playing football. Christian wanted to but a summer job kept him from making workouts and camps. He did not want to sit on the sideline for the season, so he opted not to play. While I can cheer on the team, I am going to miss cheering on my boys.
Last year when Christian played football, a growth plate in his elbow sidelined him for most of the season. He was quite excited when he was finely given the green light to get back in the game. Mom was excited too.
I have to admit, as a mother I love cheering on my boys and supporting them in their activities. I am looking forward to Caleb being in a play for a literacy festival later this month and a Shakespearian play in November. I am thrilled that Christian is so highly involved in youth group at church. I am also delighted that I can support a new family member, Nurik, an international student from Uzbekistan, as he practices for his lip sync contest at school during homecoming week.
Children want to know they are supported by their parents. They want to know that what they do is valued as worthwhile. They want to know that someone is proud of them.
But isn’t everyone like that? Do adults not desire the support and respect of their spouses, bosses, and their friends? Humans are made with a need to connect with other humans and be valued.
Even more so, though, we are made with a desire to connect and be valued by God. David was called a man after God’s own heart. I desire to be viewed as a woman after God’s own heart.
I can’t though, do this on my own. On my own I am sin saturated and helpless to please God. But through the faith and righteousness given me by the Holy Spirit and the work of Christ on the cross, God looks at me and sees me as the good and faithful servant.
Even more exciting is the effect God’s positive view of me has on me and on his kingdom. When children are supported and encouraged, they rise up to the occasion and do their very best. They shine like stars. In the same way, because God looks on me with the pride of a father, I desire to honor him by living my life, even more so, in a way that pleases him, which in turn honors God and builds up his kingdom.
The support a child receives becomes a positive circle of influence. In the same way, the building up we receive from God is a positive circle of influence. God first influences us, we then are changed, and as changed people, we influence God’s kingdom.
Wow! What a powerful thing support and encouragement is. Now I really want to go out and support my children.
In Christ,
Kelly Haack


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