You’ll have to forgive me, my post will be quite small this week!

My grandparents and I had a lovely afternoon lunch this past week. I have to say, God outdid himself when he allowed me to be born into such an amazing family. Honestly. But in the corse of catching up, and sharing all the new things in my life I happened to share a moment of frazzled-ness. (not a word… I know) My grandpa shot right up, and said I have something for you.

What I had just talked with my grandpa about was being a bit (a lot) anxious at the beginning of the school year. I was struggling with not feeling like I was in the right place, like maybe I should be on the same track as most people my age. God loves telling me when I am wrong. This is such a good thing ins’ it!? Especially when we are believing discouraging things. It’s like He says,

“But wait… didn’t we already talk about this? Don’t you remember me walking this whole way with you?”

Oh yeah… now I remember!

Anyway, my grandpa, who’s I feel up to par with the wisdom of Solomon:), pulls out 1 Corinthians 3:7 which says:

So neither he who plants nor he who waters is anything, but only God who gives the growth. (ESV)

And he reminded me, because he knows this is a recurring theme sometimes, that I cannot create anything out of my own strength. I know this verse is in the context of spiritual growth, but again like last week I am kind of taking a microscope and focusing it on a particular area of spiritual growth. The truth in the very last part doesn’t change.

God is the one who causes the growth- He is the one in charge, and he allows me to be a part of the process.

I hope this is all making sense. I know I am not the only one who deals with anxiousness and wanting to make things happen by my own doing.

My we walk today in knowing God is causing all sorts of good, growth things to blossom up in us, and may we allow Him to do so.

Thank you for reading, ladies,

Rachel Maurine


One thought on “Growing

  1. That was just about the same thing I was dealing with last week 🙂 Good thing God is around to remind us that his plans are always better than our own, and usually they look completely different than what we would have built without him, but these things that he builds are strong! You are the wise builder! No sand for this girl, you want rock!

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