Navigating Life

compass and map

I have an admission to make…or rather several admissions to make. My family is technically behind the times (much to the dismay of our boys). We do not have a flat screen TV at home. No one in our family owns an ipad. My phone is a dumb phone. Heck, I do not even have a navigation system…which has been a problem for me recently.

You see, I travel locally for my work. As a counseling intern, some of my counseling is in the homes of clients, which puts me on the road and has me seeking out new places. Instead of turning to a smartphone or a stand-alone navigation system for directions, I turn to Google Maps. This has resulted in problems a couple times recently.

On the first occasion, I had to travel to a rural address near a small town in Iowa. I literally went over the river and through the woods. I enjoyed the trip until Google Maps led me to the wrong one of two roads by the same name. I drove the wrong road several times looking for an address that did not exist on that road before wising up and calling the family I was seeking for directions.

On the second occasion, Google Maps directed me to turn on a road that did not have proper signage. I again drove up and down a strip of road several times before taking a shot in the dark and turning on a road that I hoped was the correct road. Thankfully, I was right and made it safely to my destination. A navigation system would have told me exactly where to turn.

I am thankful I did eventually make it to where I was going in both instances. There have been a few instances in life where I have become so totally lost, I finally gave up and never did make it to my destination.

Sometimes life feels like going somewhere without a map or the wrong map. Take parenting. Before giving birth to my older son, I read an in-depth book about the first year of life. The day I got home from the hospital with him, I realized a book was totally inadequate for the job before me. Over the years twists and turns in parenting only confirmed that perception.

Or take marriage. I attended premarital counseling before getting married and since getting married, I have attend various marriage classes, retreats, and seminars, but each marriage produces its own set of circumstances that must be navigated.

Face it. Life has curves. And sometimes those curves can be destabilizing. We want to be navigated through the rough roads to smoother cruising, but the map is incomplete.

When I was trying to find that home in the country with inadequate directions, I was able to call upon the homeowner to help me.

In the same way, when we are struggling to find our way through life we have a great and awesome God we can call upon. Psalm 50:15 says “and call upon me in the day of trouble; I will deliver you, and you shall glorify me.” (NIV)

God promises that when we call him, he will deliver us. This does not always mean that our problems will disappear, but that we our journey will take us to him and the destination will be so glorious that God will be glorified.

This makes me want to call upon God even more in all the twists and turns of life. How about you?

In God’s glory,

Kelly Haack


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