Cable Cars and Turbulence

I am sitting in the Dallas/Ft Worth airport writing to you. I am returning from a long weekend away to San Francisco with my husband.

I’ve been looking forward to this trip for weeks. I planned to meet him there as he was at a conference for work. I left Denver about two hours late on Friday and was a bit frustrated until I saw Scott. He greeted me with an unforgettable smile. In my mind, the delays and frustration were wiped clean. It was a wonderful way to begin the weekend.

We spent our first evening at the location of his conference in San Matteo. We had an excellent seafood dinner at The Fish Market, while looking out at the water.

Our plan for Saturday was touring. We did lots of it! We saw the Golden Gate Bridge, Fisherman’s Wharf and even bumped into some friends from our church in Nebraska!

GG bridge

Most of our time was spent on a tour bus.  Big Bus Tours took us around the city, giving us all kinds of awesome information about the beautiful and sounds. We went down the most crooked street, saw some amazingly beautiful houses and spent time with Sea Lions down at Pier 39!

I lived in California over 20 years ago but Scott had never been there. I felt like it was my first time all over again. The buildings are bigger and better than I ever remembered. We walked by many homeless people, some held signs just asking for food while others were intentional in asking for drugs or alcohol. As we got on the subway that evening, we witnessed a young girl smoking from a pipe and another shooting himself up with drugs in his arm.

I went back to the hotel determined to talk to some of the homeless. To some that may seem odd or random but God put us on this earth to reach out to others and that’s what I was determine to do! That next morning while waiting in line for a cable car ride, a homeless gentleman “Tim” gave us some helpful hints on how to get on quicker. He walked us to the place we needed to be. He even shared that he once lived in Nebraska. We had a lovely conversation and then we shook hands and said goodbye (after giving him some money at his request). It didn’t matter to me what he did with that money, God had his hand all over that conversation.

We did get to ride a cable car up and down the hills of San Francisco. We enjoyed our time there together and loved riding a double decker bus together…messy hair, freezing temps and all!

Scott and I at the top of Lombard Street

Scott and I at the top of Lombard Street

Now, you should know that I’m not the biggest fan of flying. I’ve had dreams since I was a child that I die in a plane crash. Tonight the turbulence on the flight reminded me of my fears. As I sit waiting for our connecting flight back to Nebraska, I am filled with fear as I have been told it is storming pretty badly in Omaha. I am about to board our plane and am praying that everything goes smoothly. I will give you some texting “lingo”…BRB (be right back).

I wrote you last at about 945pm. We boarded our plane and sat and sat and sat some more because of mechanical issues. We just arrived home at 2am !! I am so thankful to be here on the ground safely. There was a bunch of turbulence and I ended up playing my Christian music while praying the entire journey back to Omaha.

Something I forgot during this whole weekend away, I’m not in control. God is. I can’t help all of the homeless people in the world, but He can. I can’t stop the turbulence in the sky, or even in my life without Him. God led us to the cable cars along side Tim and led us home safely.

Glory be to Him. He’s the only tour guide we really need.
Carey Oswald


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