It’s the perfect one

Over the weekend I made a decision that will change my life forever. I found my wedding dress! It makes the decision to get married very real for a bride, in my opinion. I am not fretting over whether it was the right one or not because it fit perfectly, what more could a girl ask for? I am not worried about getting cold feet before the set date or doing this or that to look my best. I have people around me that love me the way that I am, fiance included.

So, early in the morning my fiance, maid of honor, our dog, and I set out from Omaha to Grand Island. I had an appointment at the bridal shop at 10am. We made it to the shop in good time. My mom met us out at the shop. Dad dropped her off. They both walked into the shop and we greeted one another. It was real then because I could tell that it would happen today, I would find ‘the dress’. My dad almost stayed to watch but as mom put it, “He couldn’t handle this.” Then, it began. I pulled dresses off the rack and an employee would take it my dressing room. I even took the dresses off the mannequins to try on. I was hopping in and out of dresses with ease because my friend would hold them open or up and then zzzzzip! I was in. My mom relaxed in the chairs by the giant mirrors with her camera ready. It was like I was 5 years old again, playing dress up and showing off to my mom. I made her laugh and she would sigh.

Several times I paused and walked close to the mirror to get a better look. I wanted to remind myself that I was making memories, right here, right now. These would be some of the most cherished moments in my life. I realized that this was an once in a lifetime event. I was given a wonderful mother and couldn’t ask for anything more. She is the perfect one for me.

Psalm 139: 13   For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb.


Truly, I am blessed beyond measure. I sent up prayers of thanks all day and continue to give thanks.

God, I want to thank you for my mother. She is patient when I need to decide, she is wise in her descriptions of dresses and withholding her opinion, and she is honest with me, like ‘that one is not for you, honey.’  I know that these are exciting times for me but they may be sad and emotional times for my mom. She supports me when I didn’t ask for help and I pray that I will know when to help her. Amen.

– Alexandra Tatro


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