Just a bit of dirt

7637902692_df05c94846_bI love spending time viewing God’s beauty all around me. More than that, I love the lessons He can teach through simple, unusual occurrences. Take, for example, an experience witnessed one evening while at Cannon Beach, Oregon near Haystack Rock.

There I was, minding my own business taking millions of pictures of rocks and starfish and seagulls eating crab for supper when I spotted someone in a long, white dress splotching around in the surf. “Kind of unusual,” I thought to myself, then sat back for a minute; watching this woman do what I would never ever dare to do–get her wedding dress dirty! Yet there she was, big smile on her face, holding tightly to her brand new husband posing for picture after picture, courtesy The Wedding Photographer.

Meanwhile, the sand, dirt and water from the surf began to creep up the crinolin and onto the silky-white dress, until the entire body looked a bit…well…limp, and full of sand, dirt and sea water. Wow! What a picture of marriage, I thought. Kind of starts out all white and sparkly-looking, ooey-gooey “I love you so much, forever and ever,” and eventually gets blotched and stained by the stuff of life.

Oh, how we like to look good on the outside, (at least I do!–that’s why I could never take myself in a white wedding dress to the beach!). I like to appear pretty clean, white, put-together. Yet often our lives are anything but. You know what I mean?

Here’s the truth: Jesus, God’s one and only Son washed away all that dirt and filth. As I examine my life and confess my sins, He is faithful to forgive and cleanse me from all of the mess! I am free–even to wear a long, white dress while splotching in the surf–if I think I can dare!

Thank you Jesus for washing me clean from the sandy, dirty blotches of sins. Thank you for taking all of my unlovliness upon Yourself and going to the cross for me. Thank you, Lord, for continuing to love me always and forever, no matter the dirt I sometimes find myself in.

I pray for all marriages today, and ask that you bring healing where healing needs to occur and help to rekindle the love that couples had for each other. Thank you for the good reminder that no matter what, You are always there to wash us clean and welcome us home. In Your name I pray. Amen.
God bless you!


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