Lesson from a Lovie

Lesson from a Lovie

When I was a little girl, I had a doll named Drowsy because her eyes were sleepy looking. I remember she started off having a body made from a soft, bright pink with white polka dots fabric and frilly lace around her edges. Later, when she was loved a little too much, my grandma replaced her soft fuzzy fabric and lace with a pale pink cotton fabric. After a while, even that fabric was thread bare.

Drowsy also started off with short, golden, shiny hair with part of it in a pony. I remember her best, though, having dirty blond, matted hair that stuck straight up. Even her face was dirty.

Drowsy’s tattered and torn look, though, did not make me love her any less. She went where I went. In kindergarten she helped me through an exceptionally bad case of the chicken pox. Even when she lost the pull string that made her talk, I did not love Drowsy any less. She was my lovie.

Sometimes I feel like Drowsy: tattered and torn from living life. Sometimes I do not feel very pretty. Sometimes, I feel like my pull string is broken and I have lost even my voice. Life does that to a person sometimes.
The thing is, no matter what Drowsy looked like, she was beautiful to me. I looked at her through the eyes of love.
Drowsy Doll

In the same way, no matter what I look like to me, God looks at me through the eyes of love. I am reminded of God’s words in Jeremiah 31:3: “I have loved you with an everlasting love.” To God I am not tattered and torn; I am instead beautifully dressed as the part of the bride of Christ. Zechariah 9:16 compares God’s people to jewels in a crown that will shine.

I love Psalm 45:13, which says “All glorious is the princess in her chamber, with robes interwoven with gold.” This verse has two meanings. It refers to an actual princess and it also refers to the church standing in the courts of God. As part of the church that means me. Rather than a raggedy doll, I am clothed in robes entwined with gold!

These verses are not only for me, but for all who believe. Through the washing of Christ’s blood on the cross and the gift of the Holy Spirit which is faith, all who believe are seen by God as beautiful, glorious, and loved.
Next time you are feeling frazzled, unloved, and less than beautiful, think of the lovie you had as a child and how beautiful it seemed to you, even though it was dirty and torn. Next think of how much God loves you and sees you as beautiful, even though you may feel dirty and torn. Finally, look in the mirror and tell yourself, “I am beautiful; I am loved.” You are God’s lovie!


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