Now and Again

I wanna be a nowist. Not a futurist. Not someone living in the past.

Have you heard the term nowist? It’s in the Urban Dictionary. The first definition I found online is “a person who believes in living in the moment”.

If you agree that living in the moment is a good thing, then it doesn’t seem like that is enough, does it? Don’t we want to do more than believe in living in the moment? Don’t we want to LIVE in the moment?

Living in the moment seems to be less of a struggle for kids.

If you have small children around, the evidence of that is everywhere. Frosted cakes have mini canals where little fingers have swiped. They create their own single-person flash mob when they break out in dance or song in the middle of grocery stores. And they ask questions and tell you what they believe – unfiltered.

That can be quite a contrast to the cautious, ‘what will others think’ mentality that holds us back from having real, in the moment, conversations.

I think that Jesus is encouraging us to be nowists in Luke 8:17-18.

“We are not keeping secrets; we’re telling them. We’re not hiding things; we’re bringing everything out into the open. So be careful that you don’t become misers of what you hear. Generosity begets generosity. Stinginess impoverishes.” (The Message)

Usually when we talk about generosity or stinginess, we are referring to material things, or money. And while the principles certainly hold true to physical items, it seems here Jesus is talking about much more.

I am not sure what that means to you. Where are you generous? Where are you stingy? I am trying to answer those same questions and am convicted of words and actions that I have hoarded.

The apostle Paul was a nowist. He begs us in 2 Corinthians, Chapter 6, to not squander one bit of the marvelous life that God has given us. And reminds us of what God says to us in verse 2, “In the time of my favor I heard you, and in the day of salvation I helped you.” I tell you, now is the time of God’s favor, now is the day of salvation.”

Did you catch that? NOW is the time of God’s favor. NOW is the day of salvation. God is a nowist too.

Hillsong has wonderful song with beautiful lyrics called “Salvation is Here“. I encourage you to take the time now to listen to it. Soak in the fact that Jesus lives in you, He died to set you free and His word never fails.

And don’t you think now is the time to share that same hope with someone else?

Dancing with you,
Shelli Muldoon


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