I just have to get to you so I can fly

It has been an interesting couple of days. I am usually the person you see singing in her car making a fool of herself. However, lately, no songs on the radio have quenched my thirst. Even songs that I honestly like, just don’t do the trick. I have been juggling many roles and meeting deadlines at a quickening pace that has worn me out. Daily I have thanked God for each beautiful day and the many great things in my life but feel like I have lost a little fire. Until…

I happened to be radio station jumping and heard Beautiful Day by Jamie Grace. The beat caught my attention. Then, I feel in love with the lyrics because it described how I was feeling. Troubles have been raining on my dreams, you are showing me that YOU are the refuge that I just have to get to. I am not in good habit of praying first. I usually worry and stress then realize that I need to take it up with the Lord.

I want to thank Jamie Grace for the catchy lyric of, “’bout to get my worship on” because it sparked my fire.  I pray about my ability to balance life’s roles and then enjoy the sun shining on my face.

Take a listen for yourself!

– Alex Tatro



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