Bibles for Canada

BibleI am so amazed at how God works, and how He oftentimes chooses to use us to do that work. As we follow through with obedience, we get to see how all the little details work out; even when we don’t think there’s even a chance of things working out. Such doubters we are. Perhaps I should rephrase that: such a doubter I am!

Last summer, I and a team of five went to Big Trout Lake, Ontario to teach VBS to the children and reconnect with the many friends we have made over the last 12 years. Another team came along and visited Big Trout, spending most of their time at the neighboring community of Wapekeka to teach VBS there. (We minister through the organization of LAMP (

As the week progressed, our team felt led to pray about how we could help the children learn more about the God who loves them. One week of VBS during the summer is just not enough time! This year, I felt strongly that I should take along a Children’s Bible to read some of the stories that were included in our lessons. Towards the end of the week, some of the children expressed a desire to have a Bible of their own; one in which they could read the stories themselves and learn more about Jesus. Our team discussed various options: we could mail a box of Bibles and have them distributed. (Done that, didn’t work well.) Or, we could have a Missionary Pilot from LAMP drop the Bibles off. There were several other ideas. We each decided to go to bed and pray about it.

The next morning, it seemed God led us to have the children who really wanted a Bible sign up to receive one. These children would be assigned a  “sponsor,” a person who would not only provide financially for the Bible and shipping (almost half of the cost), but pray regularly for their child. As we circulated the sign-up sheet, we were excited to realize that some of our adult helpers and other young adults were very interested in receiving a special Bible also. After researching various options, we decided to purchase Women’s, Men’s and Youth’s Devotional Bibles in an easy-to-read language in addition to our Children’s Bibles.

We returned home determined to find sponsors for the list of children, youth and adults that wanted to receive Bibles. Well, it’s now November, and we are excited to be able to announce during our church services this week that we have a need for people to sponsor Bibles for children in Canada. Here’s where our faith will come into action once again. At this point, we unfortunately only have 10 Bibles left for people to provide for. We are fairly certain that there will be many more in our congregation who will be interested in providing a Bible for someone. We are also fairly certain that there are many more children, youth, and adults in Big Trout Lake and Wapekeka who would like to receive a special Bible of their own .

Would you please pray with me, that God would help us connect those who wish to help provide with those who wish to receive Bibles? Would you pray that God would do a mighty work through these Bibles, bringing not only His principles and teaching to the community, but also bringing Holy Spirit excitement among His beloved children in northern Ontario? Would you pray that parents, grandparents, aunties or uncles would take the time to read these Bible stories to the children, and that all of those who receive Bibles would understand God’s great love for them and His perfect and amazing plan for their life?

Thank you! I believe that this is all a part of God’s great plan, and I am excited to see how He will work things out—once again—to His glory!

May you be encouraged to know that this God who knows all of the details about this situation also knows all of the details of your life. Be assured He has great plans for you. You can read about Him in His Word…the Bible. May I be bold enough to say if you need one, let me know!

God bless you, my friends.


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    • TJ if you want I can put your name on a list. We are contacting people as soon as kids names become available to receive a Bible. Just let me know! Bless you!! Jeanne

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