20 Things

Over the past year or so, there has been a series of You Tube videos featuring an amazing young man by the name of Robby Novak.  He is better known as Kid President and is supported by an organization called Soul Pancake.  About once a month, one of my Facebook friends shares a Kid President video, and I get a chance to get lost in a good feeling for a few minutes watching it.  His videos are simple, honest, contain a positive message, and just silly enough to get a giggle now and then.  It doesn’t hurt that Robby is absolutely adorable – especially when he dances.

nice importantToday as I was scrolling through my Facebook feed, partially catching up and partially looking for some blog inspiration, I saw a Kid President video link from a new friend.  It was one I hadn’t seen and enjoyed enough that I wanted to share it.  I don’t have a Bible verse to tie in to this – I sometimes just think God likes it when we smile.  In this week of thankfulness, I loved this little reminder of the nice things we can say to others – and hopefully make them a little thankful for us.  I hope it makes you smile – and possibly giggle once or twice.  I also hope it gives you something to say today at least once.  If you have the ability, I’d encourage you to watch the video.  If you cannot, I’ve copied down the tips from Kid President in his video entitled:

20 Things We Should Say More Often

20.  Thank you.  Not just on Thanksgiving – every day.

19.  Excuse me.

18.  Here’s a surprise corndog I bought you because you’re my friend.  There’ll be more corn dogs and more happy people.  This is a good idea.

17.  I’m sorry.

16.  I forgive you.

15.  You can do it!  (But don’t say it if it’s something they can’t do.)

14.  I have barbeque sauce on my shirt, too.  Before you say something about the barbeque sauce on someone else’s shirt, take a look at the barbeque sauce on your own shirt.

13.  Please.

12.  Everything is going to be okay.

11.  Aw!  You got me a corndog, too?!  You shouldn’t have.

10.  I don’t know.  There’s a lot of people that need to say that.

9.  You’re so awesome I named my dog after you.  (Wait, that could hurt somebody’s feelings.)  Boat!  I named my boat after you.  (Wait, who even has a boat?)  You’re so awesome I legally changed my name to yours.  (Wait, that’s super creepy.)  Just tell people they’re awesome and mean it!

8.  Hello, Person I’ve Never Met Before!  Here’s a high-five!

7.  My sports team is not always the best sports team.  It takes a big man to say that.

6.  *nothing*  Sometimes, that’s the best thing you can say.

5.  *sound effect of blowing air against his hand*  It doesn’t mean anything – it’s just really funny.

4.  I disagree with you but I still like you as a person who is a human being and I will treat you like that because if I didn’t it would make everything bad and that’s what lots of people do and it is lame.  (It’s okay to disagree, but it’s not okay to be mean.)

3.  Sometimes you just gotta scream.  Aaaaahhhh!!!

2.  Life is tough but so are you.  Sometimes we all need to be reminded to keep going.

1.  Something nice!  Anything.  If you can’t think of something nice to say, you’re not thinking hard enough.

Bonus – something we should say more often – Let’s Dance! 

Doing my Monday dance,

Dina Newsom

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