As we begin a new season and a new year in the church, let us pause for a moment and reflect on the meaning of Advent.

Advent literally means ‘coming’. Advent is often set off from the rest of the year by the color blue- reminding us of hope. What exactly is coming? Jesus. We look to the Old Testament prophecies and promises to guide our hearts toward reconciliation and healing between God and mankind. Then we turn our gaze to the promises of Christ’s return and our reinstatement to perfect harmony with our Lord.

In the midst of all this coming lies a baby in a manger.

A timeless moment where God becomes human.

A moment I need so desperately to cling to:

Baby Jesus, can I hold you close? Baby Jesus, do you need to be fed or changed? Baby Jesus, let’s count your fingers and toes.  Baby Jesus, completely human

Baby Jesus, you hold the knowledge of eternity in your heart. Baby Jesus, you see each person as you created them- perfect. Baby Jesus, you command the sun, moon and stars. Baby Jesus, completely God.

Baby Jesus, I want to give you something, but what can I offer to you?

The sacrifice you desire is a broken spirit. You will not reject a broken and repentant heart, O God

Psalm 51:17



In this Advent season, may I remember the promises you made and have already fulfilled. May I be blessed by the preparation to celebrate your earthly coming as the baby in the manger. May I expectantly await your return. Help me each moment, Lord, to offer to you a broken spirit and a repentant heart. In Jesus name,





If you want a daily Advent devotional, please check out LHM’s site for some great options. 



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