Mountains, Part 2

BearMountainYep, Mountains, Part 2. I re-read my post last September about mountain climbing. I’ve been thinking about that mountain lately. You know, the one in which I mention that I am not climbing alone? (“Sounds like we will finally climb this mountain.”) I just want to say, this is not the mountain I thought I would be climbing! I think I’m in the wrong location, Lord. I’m in the wrong country, even. This is not familiar at all, and yet it’s way too familiar, if you know what I mean. (Stop and think about your mountain.) This mountain that I’m climbing, it’s A LOT HIGHER than I expected. I’m pretty sure I can’t keep climbing. I’m too tired. (Sound like any 2-year old you know?) I. Just. Can’t. Do. It.

Wait. What are my other options? I’m already part way up. Should I rappel down, only to have to start again at the bottom? I think not. It’s too late for that. Or should I say, ‘I’m too old for that.’ How about if I stop and rest for a while? Well, that’s an option, but it only hurts me (and all the others who are along for the excursion). Oh Lord, surely you don’t mean for me to keep going on like this? It’s such a long climb. I’ve never hiked this high before. It’s really hard!

I am, with Your help and Your grace, God, going to keep hiking. I’m going to fix my eyes on You, Jesus, and not at the steep cliff I’m on. I WILL NOT LOOK DOWN! I WILL NOT LOOK BACK! I am going to remember Who I’m with (You, Lord), Who’s walking beside me, (yep, You), and Who won’t lead me down the wrong path (You, again, my Savior).

I will try not to whine too much, too. Wait! Did I just say that? I really need Your help, now! God, forgive me for taking my eyes off of You and making my focus the mountain.  Thank you. And thank you again and again for those friends You’ve sent who are helping me climb. I know I don’t thank them enough (if ever!), and I am so very grateful to each one for their love, care, questions, encouragement and concern. Please bless them, Lord, with Your great love, peace, joy, and wisdom.

I promise to try to keep taking one step at a time, letting You light the path that’s right in front of my feet and no further.

Love you, my friends!



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