Through The Eyes Of a Child

One of my favorite things about being a mom is the chance to see and experience the world through my children’s eyes. This past weekend while on vacation in Florida, we decided to rent a vehicle and spend the day at the beach. Our 5 year old has never been to such a large body of water as big as the ocean, and I was absolutely convinced he was going to love it.

Once we got there and found a place to put our stuff down, we ventured out to the water. Just hearing the loud roar was too much for Noah! He began to freak out by wiggling and flailing his arms and legs and eventually began to cry. I felt bad for him and somewhat disappointed too by the experience! We went to all this trouble to create this experience for him and he didn’t want anything to do with it! If only he would get down into the water, maybe he would enjoy himself!

I wonder what must have been going through his head! What about that experience was so scary or caused so much fear!? Was it the loud roar of the ocean surf? Or was it the waves that seem to topple over one another continuously? Or the pure size of the ocean? Or was it because this was another new experience for him and he was just so overwhelmed?

As I sat there on the beach that morning watching Noah struggle, I thought about my own faith and situations in life I find myself in. So many times I feel so overwhelmed by the weight of the load that I am carrying, that it scares me! I try to be a good mom and wife, but so many times I fall so short of God’s desire for how I should fulfill those rolls.

But, the story doesn’t end there!

It took some coaxing on the part of not only my hubby and myself, but also grandma and grandpa, but Noah finally put his toes in the water. Once his toes were in the water then we got hit to go in a little bit farther, until eventually he was splashing and having a bawl!

That is God’s desire for our lives! Those things that scare us! The areas where we fall short! God is coaxing us out into deeper waters! He is calling us to forget about them and experience something greater!

Had we not nudged, encouraged, called, and coaxed Noah, I am not sure if he would have gotten into the water! But I am glad he did, because it was pretty cool to see him enjoy that experience! For me as a mom it was one of the top 5 things I have ever done with him!

And God feels the same way when we follow his leading into those deeper waters!

So today my prayer for you is this: whatever fears/doubts/overwhelming things that may be holding you back, you let go of those things and jump into those deeper waters!

Your fellow deep water gal,



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