Come However You Are

One day I heard a really cute, catchy song on the radio called “Come However You Are” by a group called City Harbor. I really listened to the lyrics and found myself relating to many of the words. Here’s a sample:

“To anyone walking down a hard road
Worn out with blisters on your feet
To anyone with a heart that’s shattered
Doing your best to hold it together
With no prayer to pray and no song left to sing
Whatever pain you’re dealing with
Let me offer this

Come however you are
Come with all your heartbreaks
Come with all the mistakes you’ve made
Lay them down at the cross
Give them to the God who loves you
Hurt, scarred, falling apart
Come however you are”

There have been so many times in my walk with Christ that I’ve felt I was unworthy. I’ve walked down hard roads, had a broken heart and felt alone. I’ve hurt others and have felt shame because of my actions.

How many times have we as moms, wives or sisters thought that we were unworthy of God’s love, let alone anyone else’s love? Have you ever thought, “No one is going to love me because of this crazy perm,” or “Nobody loves me because I’m overweight”? Yet God continues to give you His unconditional love, even when you don’t think anyone loves you anymore.

After my youngest daughter’s Valentine’s Day party, we had a wonderful discussion on which valentine card she loved the most. We talked a lot about her day. After that, we ran to the store to pick up a few things. On the way home I heard from the backseat, “Uh mom, I think I am going to throw up!” She emptied a plastic bag just in time to get sick. She had vomit all over herself and the backseat of the car. I tried to get home as quickly as possible. I helped her out of the car and started cleaning up everything (including myself).

Just when I thought I had everything under control, I got a text from our middle child, Paige, who was still at school for an event. “Mom, I need you to bring me a t-shirt by 5:30 please.”  Minutes later I got a phone call from our oldest, Nic. “Hi Mom, I need my suit that’s hanging up in my bedroom. Can you bring it to me?” I don’t know what you would have thought at that very moment, but I felt I was being pulled in three different ways. And I still had to clean myself up from the vomit.

In the past, I might have had a “mommy moment” and gotten stressed, or I may have even shut down and not said a word. Then suddenly that song came to my head, with a few words added. “Come, however you are, come with all your heartache, come with all the throw up you’ve got. Lay them down at the cross, give them to the God who loves you.” I laughed at myself and continued running around the house getting things ready.

God has a sense of humor, that’s for sure. But in the end, He is right. Whatever the situation you are in, wherever you pain may be in–come to God. Lay your burdens down, right there and then. It may be a pile of vomit or feel like a pile of vomit, it’s all yucky, smelly and gross.

Laying all of my vomit down at the cross,

Carey Oswald


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