The Holy Spirit is the Music for the Dance


Hi Jeanie,

Great blog! I truly understand your view on the Holy Spirit. He is truly a mystery.

Here are a couple of thoughts that I have learned over the years about the Holy Spirit that may be helpful:

1) Sometimes the Holy Spirit is called the “Shy” member of the Trinity because His job is to point us to Jesus as our Savior and to the Father as our Creator/Sustainer. He doesn’t like the attention on Himself.

2) I always like to refer to the Holy Spirit as the “Music for the dance.” Try to imagine learning how to dance by checking a book out of the library. You could cut out “footprints, number them, and position them in numbered sequence around the room. You could then perfectly execute each step of the dance by following the numbers. But it wouldn’t be flowing, fun, or proper without music. In the same way to many people Christianity appears to be a bunch of “don’t do this” and “don’t do that” (rules and regulations of where we are to step). The Holy Spirit reminds us that Jesus is our dance partner (taking the lead) and the Holy Spirit is the music for the dance. The longer we dance with Jesus with love, joy, dedication and trust, it’s like watching 75 year olds who have been dancing together for decades (It doesn’t get better than this). It’s all about a relationship.

God’s blessings on your day.

Pastor Keith

I am blessed to have this gracious, humble man as my Pastor.


In His Grip,

Jeanie Shank


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