For once in my life I had done something before the deadline! I had a blog all ready for this week, I had been thinking about it for weeks. And what does the Lord do? Well he giggles and says never mind! Let’s talk about this… In short I just wanted to preface this week with the fact that we are doing a mental u turn in my mind.. Really this has no relevance to my blog, it just makes me feel better that we are on the same page now. 🙂

I had a dream last night, and I liked it cause I was in heaven, so that was good. But I don’t necessarily think it was the true ‘set up’ of how heaven is, just sort of a representation the Lord was giving me for his own teaching purposes.

I was walking out of a room where we were worshiping. In this room worship was much like what we call worship in the corporate sense when we all come together to sing and such. I do think, though, that worship looks much different there, and maybe should here as well- but that’s me getting ahead of myself.

As I was walking I remember only being aware of the one I was worshiping. I wasn’t focused on how or where or even what I felt- I was just completely fixed on the object of my worship.

And that was it.

A relatively short dream, but it shook me. How often are my thoughts directed towards how I rate the quality of the musicians, how I personally feel in the moment, should I do this should I do that, just distractions you know… Like the entirety of my focus is on anything but the object of what I should be worshiping… Who I should be worshiping.

The Lord showed me so sweetly, as he usually does when I am walking the wrong way. And my prayer is Lord, please on Earth as it is in Heaven! We get better perspective from John in his revelation of heaven;

… Day after day and night after night they keep on saying, “Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God, the Almighty— the one who always was, who is, and who is still to come.” (Revelation 4:8)

Can you wrap your mind around worshiping God forever? Be still my heart, Jesus will come back and we will worship him forever. For now I must settle with worshiping him with all of my life and with my focus where it should be…

Well The Lord is good, and he always seems to give me practical application almost immediately after teaching me something. So I am now headed off to the day of prayer here at Grace (that’s right… It’s almost midnight and I am writing this to you) . It’s being kicked off with an hour of (you guessed it) corporate worship!!

I pray you are encouraged this week! Thank you for reading,

Rachel Maurine

P.S- I like to share the songs I have on repeat so this week I will share this beautiful song by Kari Jobe which has helped guide my perspective this week! Enjoy!!


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