A Story of Passionate Faith

Lately my son Christian has been has been going through a spiritual growth spurt which has showed up in his passion for the Lord. It has been a joy to talk with him and go deep with him about faith issues. He goes to every Bible study he can. He spends as much time as he can with his faith mentors. He even writing his own Bible study for men. His faith is on fire!

faith on fire

He is also going through a vocational growth spurt which shows up in his passion for working towards a future career. He lives and breathes college. He is researching colleges, researching finances, studying for the ACT and planning to take classes at metro next year so he can graduate a semester earlier from college.

Christian’s spiritual growth spurt and his vocational growth spurt have come together with his current career choice. He feels called to teaching, working with youth, and doing street ministry to those who are trapped by addictions. He plans to do this by following his father’s footsteps and becoming a Director of Christian Education (DCE).

Christian plans to live out his passion for his faith in church work, but others live it out through volunteerism, or by being a faith light in a secular career. As Christian’s we are called to be passionate: passionate about a God who loves us and sent his Son to take the curse of sin upon himself and passionate about living out His love story in our daily lives.

Life Story

This Sunday a new worship service starts at Beautiful Savior Church: the Life Story Service. It will be a multimedia worship service aimed at helping worshippers weave their life Story with the story of Jesus Christ and living out their faith stories in bold discipleship and passionate faith.

I invite you to attend this worship service at Beautiful Savior Church in La Vista, Nebraska at 11:11 am and discover your lifestory. If you are unable to attend or you worship at a different time or place, I encourage you to live out your passion for the God who loves you wherever God has placed you in life.

Blessings in Christ,

Kelly Haack


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