Just smile!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  There is a lot of misconstrued notions of the reason for celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, and since my maiden name is O’Brien and my blog day happened to land right on the 17th, I considered writing about this holiday.  However, then I thought – boooorrrrring!  I’ve never been a history buff.  You can find all that with some quick clicks on Google or even Jim Haack’s Facebook page.  This day now mostly seems to be about having a good time, so I thought that’s just what we’d do.  Just smile.

I have a six year old son who just happens to be the funniest child I know.  (And that’s saying a lot since I work with children.)  He is constantly saying silly things throughout the day – or sometimes extremely insightful things – that I, in the business of being a mother simply forget about by the day’s end.  So I started putting the things he says on my Facebook page.  It’s easy to take a moment and grab my phone when something happens and type it in – not so easy to remember what I laughed about six hours later when 500 other things have happened since.  It started as a way to tell my family what he said.  But it has turned into a connection that many of my Facebook friends repeatedly tell me they enjoy reading about.  And some keep asking when I’m going to put them all in a book.  So, today, when I just wanted to smile, I thought I’d share some of my favorites with you all.smile

CJ: Can I have one of those ring pop candies?
Me: No, they are for special occasions.
CJ: I’m a special occasion.

Scene: Christian enters room limping.
Me: Why are you limping?
CJ: Because I’m practicing.
Me: Practicing what?
CJ: Limping.

Me: You need to clean up these toys.
CJ: Why do I have to?
Me: Because the Mommy says so.
CJ: But Daddy’s in charge!

In the car on the way home …
CJ: Hurry up stoplight – I have to go potty! Sheesh!

CJ: I can carry that bag, Momma.
Me: I’m not sure you can – it’s pretty heavy.
CJ: I been working out.

CJ: My tummy hurts.
Me: You should lay down and rest to feel better.
CJ: My tummy says playing the Wii will make it feel better.
Me: Your tummy is wrong.
CJ: Now my tummy’s feelings are hurt, too.

CJ: I’m hungry.
Me: You just ate.
CJ: That was a whole … (pause while he’s thinking) … ten minutes ago!
Me: I think you just think you’re hungry ’cause you’re bored.
CJ: I’m not bored!
(roughly thirty seconds later)
CJ: Mom, I’m bored. But I’m still hungry, too.

CJ: Can I have some jellybeans before bed?
Me: You can have about five jellybeans.
CJ: Well how many is that?
Me: Five.
(He nods and runs off … a few minutes later…)
CJ: Did you say six jellybeans?
Me: No, I said five.
CJ: Uh oh …

While crashing into things on a video game …
CJ: I told you – my heart says I’m not gonna be a good driver when I turn 16.

I overslept just enough this morning that I was ‘hurrying’ my son along in getting ready for school …
CJ: Mom, I’m going as fast as I can.
Me: Well, we need to go quickly because Mommy slept too long.
CJ: Yeah, but how is that my problem?

Me: Whatcha doing?
CJ: Putting a sign up so people knock on my door.
Me: But you never shut your door.
CJ: (long pause) Well I will today.

Today in church when Communion was starting …
CJ: Is that real blood that you drink when you go up there or is it just red drink?

The other day CJ and I were discussing Easter – it was a deep discussion for a 6 year old about how Jesus died on the cross because of all our sins.
CJ: So it’s like I put Jesus on the cross?
Me: Yes, and so did I and Daddy and everyone we know.
CJ: So, what about that parallel pilot guy?
Me: What? Who are you talking about?
CJ: That guy that ordered Jesus dead.
Me: Oh, you mean Pontius Pilate?
CJ: Yeah, him.
(Pontius Pilate is apparently a straight flyer.)

This morning, as CJ is still groggy …
Me: Do you want to come to Sunday School with me?
CJ: Yeah, well … are we gonna learn about Jesus?
Me: Yeah, probably.
CJ: Maybe you should take someone else cuz I already know him.

There are some moments, as a mother, that just have no words. Christian walked into my room this morning banging his fists on his chest like Tarzan.
Me: Doesn’t that hurt?
CJ: Nah. (pause, worried look on his face) Does it hurt God?
Me: Why would it hurt God?
CJ: Because He lives inside me.

God does live inside my son.  He also lives in you.  So take a moment today and find something He has put in your life that makes you smile.  And savor it.  Then share it.

Smiling and savoring,

Dina Newsom


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