Dressing to Im[sup]press

Today I wanted to share a blog post from a young lady I go to school with. I loved reading her thoughts about modesty in our society and her reaction to the root of the real problem. It’s all about our hearts. I of course feel like there are appropriate and inappropriate types of attire but the real root issue in society is our hearts. Not only do those who are dressing (hopeful all of u 😉 ) need to have a heart check (who are we dressing for- motivation) but those who are viewing how one is dressed need to be responsible for how they react to seeing someone’s write or ankle. Beautiful words Brook- Thank you for letting me share with this community of beautiful women!!

Wide Open


Let’s face it: “Modest is hottest” is a ridiculously stupid and unrealistic expression frequently used in modern (predominately Christian) environments.

Yep, I just went there.

This common cliche just needs to skee-daddle its way back to wherever it came from (probably the early 2000s…) so that we can take a good hard look at this thing called modesty. Because let’s be honest, by their dictionary definitions alone (“lustful, amorous, erotic” vs. “to avoid attracting sexual attention”), “hottest” and “modest” are about as different as Miley Cyrus and Michael W. Smith.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I know exactly where the creator of this phrase was going with it: (S)he wanted to encourage young women to have integrity and respect for their bodies and to be proud and confident in this choice. And that’s great! But shouldn’t we be aiming just a teensy weensy bit higher? Like, say, pointing…

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