From Embers to Flaming Fire


Sometimes all it takes is a spark for a fire to soon be roaring. That was proven at my house tonight. Christian invited a few friends over for a fire pit Bible study, and some hotdogs and s’mores. It was typical Nebraska March weather, though: windy, cold, and spitting rain. Alas, all his work was for a few smoldering embers and some smoke…or so he thought.

When the fire failed to grow plans changed: a car full of teens left to pick up a couple pizzas in place of the hot dogs and a couple Christian movies in place of the Bible study. Jim and I were left to keep an eye over the embers. To our surprise, the embers soon turned to a glowing fire. By the time the kids got back the fire was toasty warm and perfect for hanging out by.

This made me think about faith. Does your faith ever feel like a dying fire, ashes scattered by the winds of life? Maybe you feel your faith is merely smoldering. Maybe all you have for God is a spark.

Isaiah 42:3 promises that God will snuff out our faith no matter how weak it is:

“A bruised reed he will not break,
and a smoldering wick he will not snuff out.
In faithfulness he will bring forth justice” (New International Version).

Faith over the course of one’s life can flicker and flame. Some days one can feel on top of the world spiritually. The next day a setback can turn passion into tears. God’s love though remains constant. It is not dependent on feelings, but rather it is rooted in his very nature.

I find it comforting to know that even when I ask hard spiritual questions, “feel” less spiritual, or find my faith is weak, I can rest assured that the Spirit it fanning my faith and God will not quench it. I can rest assured that my relationship with God is not rooted in fallible me, but rather in God’s love for me. That knowledge fans into flame my faith. May it strengthen your faith as well.


Burning with love for Him,

Kelly Haack


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