Can you use the word twitterpated in a sentence? “I twitterpated my way down the street after tumbling off my bicycle.” That wouldn’t be accurate.

How about a form of the word? “With twitterpation, the bomb squad carefully diffused the explosive.” This is also not a correct use.

“After tweeting my response, I felt twitterpated and knew I had to set my cell phone down.” Nope.

A favorite elementary school teacher of my children would always laugh that in the spring her students became “twitterpated”. For example, during recess they would play all of those chasing games, like freeze tag, because they were looking for an excuse to get the attention of the opposite gender. They were twitterpated and love was in the air.

To get a clear picture of this word, view this scene from the animated movie Bambi.

One of the definitions of twitterpated is simply “to be completely enamored with someone or something”. And another definition is “the flighty exciting feeling you get when you think about or see the object of your affection”. I especially like the last definition.

While our relationship with Jesus is different than a sixth grade crush, the definition of twitterpated isn’t so off. We get to be completely enamored by Him. And in God’s Word, Song of Songs uses strong words about His love for us.

The book Song of Songs is read on many levels, one of which is as Christ the bridegroom and His deep love for his church.

For example, read Chapter 6, verses 8-10, as the literal bridegroom is describing his love.

“There’s no one like her on earth,
never has been, never will be.
She’s a woman beyond compare.
My dove is perfection,
Pure and innocent as the day she was born,
and cradled in joy by her mother.
Everyone who came by to see her
exclaimed and admired her –
All the fathers and mothers, the neighbors and friends,
blessed her and praised her:
Has anyone ever seen anything like this –
dawn-fresh, moon-lovely, sun radiant,
ravishing as the night sky with its galaxies of stars?”

What great love Jesus has for us, His people. It leaves me twitterpated and ready to worship such a great king.

Burning Ones, by Jesus Culture

Shelli Muldoon


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