You can do what Jesus did.


Save a life – make that three.

Early June I donated blood for the Red Cross’ Rock and Roll blood drive. I always try to hit up that donation day; donors get a free T shirt. I donate frequently, and I don’t like shopping, so it’s a treat getting a new shirt!

While lying on the cot as my blood was being drawn, I thought about Jesus and His giving blood to save me.

When I give blood, my blood has the potential to save three (or more) lives. The Red Cross often follows up blood donations with thank you cards sent to donors indicating where the individual’s blood has been used. My blood has been to cities I have never been! Philadelphia, Cincinnati, Louisville. I am honored and humbled to help save lives. And all I had to do was subject myself to two seconds or so of pain and 30-50 minutes for the blood donation process.

Two seconds or so of pain to save three lives.

Jesus suffered how many hours/days for me? for you? for all Christians? He wasn’t lying on a cot; He was hanging on a cross. He wasn’t being supervised by medical personnel; He was being beaten by soldiers. He wasn’t offered cranberry juice and a snack; He had a yucky, vinegary sponge shoved up to His face.

Think about it.

If you’d like to give blood and save lives, call the Red Cross at 1-800-448-3543 (option #1). Beautiful Savior also sponsors blood drives. Give the church a call to find out when the next drive is scheduled.

In His Grip,

Jeanie Shank


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