Moms’ Night Out, The Movie: Fact or Fiction?

I’m the type of person who watches a movie and depending on how much I love the movie, I will go several times to see it! Currently, there is a movie in theaters called “Moms’ Night Out,” which I have seen twice now!  When I first saw it with my 15-year old daughter, I thought it was hysterical. There is no swearing, no nudity AND it’s even rated PG !! This week, I encouraged a few friends to join me Sunday night for laughter and fun.

My friends didn’t know what to expect when they saw the movie. They knew it was going to be funny, because I had given that part away, but none of us expected to laugh THAT much!

While I was watching the flick again, I felt nudged to write to you about some things from this movie. Without giving away all of the details, here are some highlights from the movie trailer below. Some of these situations may be true, they may be fiction, or they may be exaggerated.


-At the beginning of the film (not in the movie trailer), a mom-blogger named Allison begins writing an article and only 3 people read it. This happens to all of us, so this is a FACT! After opening up our hearts and minds to what God really wants us to write about, God has encouraged more people to follow our blog.

-Allison wakes up on Mother’s Day to find that her children have attempted making breakfast for her by combining many ingredients together that, well, no one should try to mix together. I don’t know about you, ladies, but my kids have tried this, and wow! Sometimes you just have to fake how much you like their “gift.” This is a FACT!

-How many of you have lost a child in a store before? In the movie, one of the young moms has lost her child, so instead of having a girls night out, they end up looking for the toddler all over the city. Although I have never chased my child all over our city, I have left a child at school because someone (me?) forgot to get her. This, my friends, is a FACT!

-Allison’s child draws a beautiful picture on her living room wall, and the other kids tear apart the house. Well, I haven’t had children draw on my wall or furniture, but I know many of my friends who have had this happen. Once, I did notice that one of my children used their wall as a Kleenex, so I am going with FACT on this one!!

-On a Sunday morning, Allison takes her 3 children to church while her husband is out-of-town. She walks into church looking disheveled, mascara all over one of her eyes (thanks to her daughter) and is begging for just 1 hour of peaceful worship without being interrupted by her children. She feels useless as a mom and even scowls at other moms as “the perfect parent’s”.  FACT, we judge other mom’s all the time, don’t we?

-While organizing a night out with her girlfriends, Allison’s husband gets a little nervous at the thought of watching the kids alone. He invites over a few of his friends who also have kids. Collectively, these children proceed to terrorize the fathers and destroy the home. We all know this is a FACT, do I need to explain more?

There are so many more instances of FACT in the movie, but I can tell you one thing that should be fiction but isn’t always understood to be not true. Every day, moms feel like we can’t do anything well; we mess up, our kids throw things in toilets, they fall and break their arm, and it seems we can’t pick up our homes quickly enough before the kids tear it up again. Sometimes we even hide in a closet with chocolate to get away from it all!!  We tell ourselves that we aren’t good enough. We feed ourselves with lies. This is FICTION.

Proverbs 31:26 says, “She speaks with wisdom and faithful instruction is on her tongue.”  God has breathed this FACT into His word.

The next time your child does something outrageous, don’t blame yourself.  I’ve done this for so many years, but recently I’ve decided that children can make choices and learn from those choices. You are their instructor, and you have the privilege to walk alongside them. Don’t beat yourself up!

Take time out of your busy week to go see this movie! Laugh a lot, come home, take an extended bath and read a good book, the Bible. That is where you will find the meaning of your existence, in all of this chaos called life.

Laughing and crying alongside you this week,

Carey Oswald





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